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  • Porto Alegre em Cena | IMPRENSA

    press > Press releases 2021 (all the press releases are written in Portuguese): ​ 10/25 Release Fantasmagoria nº2 >> 10/25 Release 2nd Week Program >> 10/18 Release Václav Pacl >> ​ 10/18 Release Altamira 2042 >> ​ 10/18 Release Weapon is part of my body >> ​ 10/18 Release Metaverse e Infinitos >> ​ 10/15 28º Porto Alegre em Cena begins >> ​ 10/01 Caixa Cênica Project and Workshops >> 09/28 Program 28th Porto Alegre em Cena >> ​ 08/09 Selected local performances >> ​ 07/01 28th Porto Alegre em Cena opens call for local shows >> ​ 06/14 2Porto Alegre em Cena - sensibility through the arts >> ​ 02/05 Pontes Program: Scottee & Friends >> ​ ​ ​

  • Porto Alegre em Cena | INGRESSOS

    TICKETS 2021 all programming is free! CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR TICKETS* >> *except Fantasmagoria nº2 > click here ​ ​ ​ >> PLAYS' TICKETS: FROM 10/13 at 1:00 pm FREE AND LIMITED TICKETS Fantasmagoria nº 2 - Theatro São Pedro > CLICK HERE Metaverse: we are at the end of something > CLICK HERE Infinitos > CLICK HERE Altamira 2042 > CLICK HERE How Things Got Here > CLICK HERE ​ >> REQUIRED: COVID VACCINE VERIFICATION CARD in order to attend all the physical events: ​ In compliance with municipal decree 21.193, from October 3, 2021, and according to the CEVS/SES Technical Report No. 16/2021, as the new new sanitary protocols and, it is mandatory to present the Official Vaccination Card Certificate (CONECTE SUS) at the entrance of theaters during Porto Alegre em Cena (October 19th to 31st), according to the State vaccination schedule for first and second doses: ​ • People aged 40 or over must present proof of a complete vaccination schedule; • People aged 18 to 39 years must provide proof of the first dose or single dose. >> TICKETS PICKUP: ​ You will receive your tickets and all accessing instructions by e-mail. It is important to check your email for possible uptades. ​ >> IMPORTANT: ​ For the events held by the Zoom platform, it is required to have the app installed on your device. ​ >> MORE INFORMATION: ​ Email to ​ ​ ​ ​

  • Porto Alegre em Cena | PROGRAMAÇÃO

    <<< de 13 a 24 d e março de 2024 > >> news Guia Afetivo da cidade – affectionate city guide news Workshops 2021 – Selected internacional schedule Václav Pacl university show Televisões: o jogo das velhas (Televisions: The Tic Tac Toe) university show Evaporar – os dias que soam no escuro (Evaporate - the days that sound in the dark) university show Obediência (Obedience) university show Enófila analisa: mijê de gatê (Enófila analyzes: mijê de gatê) university show Eu preciso da sua presença (I need your presence) university show Sobre mãe e filha (about mother and daughter) university show Meu canto é de ninguém (My singing is nobody’s) university show Isso é um começo (this is a start) news 28th Porto Alegre em Cena opens registration for local shows news Registration for national and international shows news SELECTED LOCAL PERFORMANCES news Collaborate with the creation of the Colombian show Infinitos local schedule Nhe ´ery – Existe uma cidade sobre nós e Jardim Guarani (There's a city above us and Guarani Garden) urban performances Voluntários da Pátria (Homeland Volunteers) urban performances Respira não pira (breathe don't freak out) urban performances Kuumba urban performances Bando (Flock) urban performances Anatomia temporária (temporary anatomy) digital performances A última negra (The last black woman) digital performances Co ês digital performances Quase Corpos: Um Estudo do Teatro de Beckett – Episódio 1 – A Última Gravação (Almost Bodies... university show Voz para Cumaná – um dia de fúria (Voice for Cumana – a day of fury) university show Utopianism Sparkle university show Usuário não encontrado (User not found) university show Será que fica pronto a tempo? (Will it be ready in time?) digital performances Sr. Esquisito (Sr. Weird) university show Oito (Eight) university show Luna university show Dia de ira (day of wrath) university show Dentro do dentro (inside of inside) digital performances De La Mancha: O Cavaleiro Trapalhão (The Bumble Knight) national schedule Fantasmagoria nº2 national schedule Entidades national schedule Camaleões national schedule Altamira 2042 internacional schedule Metaverse: we are at the end of something internacional schedule Infinitos internacional schedule She and the pigs internacional schedule How things got here internacional schedule Weapon is a part of my body workshops Real Time Composition workshops Knowing Video mapping workshops Circus workshops The body as sound memory workshops Urban interventions Body and City chronicles of tomorrow Episode 8: Where's the story? chronicles of tomorrow Episode 7: Harm Reduction

  • Porto Alegre em Cena | Equipe

    words of the general director 2021 ​ spring in the teeth (after a song of the Brazilian band Secos & Molhados) ​ Fernando Zugno The big equation for me at this time was how to find the flowers in the middle of this sumptuous path that was formed throughout the year of 2021. With the consequences of the pandemic more evident, an even more severe health crisis going hand in hand with the vaccination process and an idea of ​​renewed hope, so that life could be lived with joy. Then came the smiles of a life with encounters, with the return of professional activities - that ones that were meant as essential - many times in a dysfunctional way… but what about art? And the essentials of art? And the creation of beauty that becomes even more urgent in these times of savage everyday violence? So, if art is a subject of knowledge through aesthetics with ethics, it is quite clear the importance of the existence and realization of a festival that brings together in a space of time a plurality of thoughts and produces various forms of beauty. If violence is inherent to the human condition, then let it be through art that we get in touch with it. Otherwise we are lost. So dance, dance… With the desire to keep on dancing, we faced all the difficulties of the pandemic - the fears, the changes in society, the crises that prevented us, for the first time, to not have the cooperation of the Special Secretariat for Culture of the Ministry of Tourism through the Law Rouanet - and very proudly we once again put a beautiful and powerful program on the street, bringing together more than 25 national and international works, including shows, performances, installations, exhibitions, speeches, workshops, conversations… We started from the idea of ​​creating a schedule of urban performances due to the success of those performed last year. In this quest to deliver something exciting and that would interfere with the city's urban scene, I met the artist Xadalu, who moved me when he shared with me the work he was developing, called There is a city above us. A work that rescues the Guarani ancestral knowledge about this sacred territory where the city of Porto Alegre was built. Based on this work and this story told by Cacique Cirilo on the opening day of the Festival at Theatro São Pedro, I started to think about the entire festival program. It turned out to be that: it was not enough to interfere in the city of Porto Alegre, it was necessary to overlay other knowledge, other stories that were marginalized by the colonial process. Because this work, which is now finished and exhibited in Rio de Janeiro, will be placed on the city walls, as is customary in the artist's work. And another work still unpublished called Guarani Garden, is being created and will be exhibited in the noble foyer of Theatro São Pedro along with the speech of the Cacique Cirilo. We started to put together a program with works such as Camaleões from Brasília, Esquadros captained in Porto Alegre by the project Projetores pela Cultura and with video artists from all over Brazil, Entities by Jaider Esbell from Roraima and five more shows from Porto Alegre: Anatomia Temporária, Voluntários da Pátria, Respira Não Pira, Kuumba and Bando. With this, we also wanted to provoke the return of the public's encounters with the living arts, with immersion, experience and the reopening of cultural spaces and the return of the public to the theaters. With the support of the Iberescena project, we created a beautiful South American program with How did things get here? by multimedia artist Ivan Haidar (Argentina); Infinitos, from Colombia, by Carmen Gil, who will create a new version of the work from an artistic residency with the local actresses Sandra and Miriã Possani, mother and daughter who will meet for the first time on stage in this work and She and the pigs of Ignacia Gonzales from Chile. With the feeling of living in a sort of battlefield to create this artistic program, defining the schedule, budget, approvals and non-approvals of culture projects, we were able to confirm new partnerships through the funding of PRO-CULTURA RS and enrich the program with some works of greatest importance for Brazilian theater such as Altamira 2042 by the wonderful Gabriela Carneiro da Cunha who guides us through reports of the Xingu River and Fantasmagoria nº 2 directed by Felipe Hirsch and his collective Ultralíricos, also adding a local cast. And, as the creative process is made up of small miracles, one of the shows that had already left the program due to the high technical costs, the video installation Metaverse: we are at the end of something has returned thanks to the partnership of the festival with Fábrica do Futuro, a multidisciplinary space in Porto Alegre, that is hosting the meetings of the festival team and our hybrid program that will be live broadcasted. To our surprise, the space has a projection room perfectly equipped to receive this stunning work that literally places the audience inside a parallel digital reality. This year, with great joy, we also resumed the decentralization project along with the festival's official program. Local and national groups will perform in the suburbs of the city and further democratize the program. By the way, this year, exceptionally, we are going to make a completely free program precisely to encourage the return of the audience to the theater. Everything, of course, with great care, respecting with great deal all sanitary protocols and taking care of every detail so that crews, artists and the audience can enjoy the shows safely. And it is in the midst of this crazy scenario in which all sectors of culture are directly affected and seeking to restructure itself and return to personal encounters that we make this festival happen. To fill our city with beauty and knowledge in one more spring. And it is like this, with a joy as big as the challenges, that we will see the Brazilian artists, in the teeth, grab the spring. ​ ​ The Festival texto da direção artística The team Festival Memory

  • Porto Alegre em Cena | MEMÓRIA

    history > 2020 27th Porto Alegre on Stage > 2019 26th Porto Alegre on Stage > 2018 25th Porto Alegre on Stage > 2017 24th Porto Alegre on Stage > 2016 23rd Porto Alegre on Stage > 2015 22nd Porto Alegre on Stage > 2014 21st Porto Alegre on Stage > 2013 20th Porto Alegre on Stage > 2012 19th Porto Alegre on Stage > 2011 18th Porto Alegre on Stage > 2010 17th Porto Alegre on Stage > 2009 16th Porto Alegre on Stage > 2008 15th Porto Alegre on Stage > 2007 14th Porto Alegre on Stage > 2006 13th Porto Alegre on Stage > 2005 12th Porto Alegre on Stage > 2004 11th Porto Alegre on Stage > 2003 10th Porto Alegre on Stage ​ > 2002 9th Porto Alegre on Stage > 2001 8th Porto Alegre on Stage > 2000 7th Porto Alegre on Stage > 1999 6th Porto Alegre on Stage ​ > 1998 5th Porto Alegre on Stage > 1997 4th Porto Alegre on Stage > 1996 3rd Porto Alegre on Stage > 1995 2nd Porto Alegre on Stage ​ > 1994 1st Porto Alegre on Stage The Festival texto da direção artística The team Festival Memory

  • Porto Alegre em Cena | O FESTIVAL

    the festival The Porto Alegre em Cena is one of the most important performing arts festivals in Latin America. In 28 years of uninterrupted activities, has brought the most important productions, artists and groups from Brazil and the world to the city of Porto Alegre. With its provocative program, the Festival has placed the city on the touring map of great shows and artists such as Antunes Filho, Christiane Jatahy, Zé Celso Martinez Corrêa, Fernanda Montenegro, Marco Nanini, Felipe Hirsch, Tom Zé, Debora Colker, Paulo Autran, Denise Fraga, Georgette Fadel, Matheus Nachtergaele, Marieta Severo, Adriana Calcanhotto, Andrea Beltrão, Drica Moraes, Renata Sorrah, Marcio Abreu, Tulipa Ruiz, Antonio Araújo, Zélia Duncan, Grace Passô (nationals); and Ariane Mnouchkine, Peter Brook, Pina Bausch, Mats Ek, Bob Wilson, Sasha Waltz, Meredith Monk, Angelica Liddell, Eimutas Nekrosius, Sankai Juku (internationals); in addition to many others. The national and international programming is built from research by the festival's artistic direction with programmers, producers and artists from all over the world, in addition to our team. The city's shows are highlighted in the schedule. A curator committee composed of professionals from the Union of Artists and Technicians in Entertainment Shows of RS (SATED/RS), coordinators of courses from the Department of Dramatic Art at UFRGS, theater coordination at UERGS and professionals invited by the festival attends the registered shows and get together to discuss the local theater and decide on the works that will be part of our program. In addition to the shows, the Porto Alegre Em Cena also emphasizes training activities, such as debates, residencies, classes and workshops. The idea is to offer a leading role to discussions and debates, even transcending the themes of the pieces to create spaces for discussions that go beyond aesthetics. ​ The Festival texto da direção artística The team Festival Memory

  • Porto Alegre em Cena | Texto direção artística

    The Festival texto da direção artística The team Festival Memory ​ O Port o Alegre Em Cena assume a vocação de nossa cidade. Um Porto provocação. Lugar de quem chega, de quem sai. De quem fica e do que fica. O palco da troca, do trânsito, das novidades e das memórias compartilhadas. O cenário de conquistas e dramas sociais: guerras, escravidão, pestes, e outros povos, outras línguas, outras modas. Para o bem e para o mal, um Porto. Porto de águas que se movem e se chocam, de gêneros e estéticas fluídas, de etnias que se reconhecem e se cumprimentam em suas particularidades. Porto Alegre e o Mundo em Cena. A alegria de ser um Porto. _________ ​ Chegamos à 30ª edição do Porto Alegre Em Cena com motivos para comemorar. O primeiro deles, garantimos a periodicidade anual do festival, superando prazos exíguos e recursos escassos. O segundo, consolidamos o conceito de uma formação coletiva na direção artística. O terceiro motivo é percebemos que o conceito curatorial proposto em 2022 segue atual e potente: seremos um Porto Provocação, um Porto Palco que coloca em cena o que fomos e somos, e o que podemos ser. Abertos para balanço, atentos ao que vem. Mais do que uma definição única, a imagem do porto pode ser evocada como lugar repleto de beleza e poesia, como deslocamentos e fluxos migratórios, como trauma e violência na modernidade. Porto Alegre, que é margeada ao oeste pelas águas do Guaíba, carrega em seus portos e paragens memórias de conquistas, de encontros, de celebrações e também de diversos processos exploratórios. Assim escolhemos pensar o Porto em que vivemos: constituído do tempo e de suas tantas memórias. Tomamos também a ideia de porto como um entre-lugar, uma fronteira, que se desfaz na medida em que os deslocamentos humanos acontecem. Novas histórias começam e terminam, contraem e se dilatam, nascem e morrem, pulsam. O meio ou o processo se fazem neste lugar de chegada e partida, sem definição exata. Atrelando a radicalidade da imaginação, motor e vetor da criação artística, atribuímos ao porto uma conotação de lugar em processo, tempo-espaço onde se cria, justamente por não ser exatamente definido, tornando-se, assim como a arte, lugar do porvir. Nesse sentido, o Porto Alegre em Cena amplia os traços que compõem sua narrativa, fortalecendo a potência plural e diversa que todo e qualquer festival pode e deve oferecer. Diversos olhares, enfoques, pautas, discussões. Fluxos, tensões, movimentos, voos. Mergulhos, paragem. Porto como espaço-tempo de suspensão, reflexão e transformação. Direção artística: Adriane Azevedo, Adriane Mottola, Airton Tomazzoni, Antônio Grassi, Juliano Barros, Renato Mendonça, Ricardo Barberena e Thiago Pirajira ​

  • Porto Alegre em Cena | CONTATO

    contact Sua mensagem foi enviada com sucesso! Enviar ​ Porto Alegre / RS / Brazil Phone/WhatsApp: +55 51 99846-6457 Email: ​ Follow @poaemcena on Instagram Like our page on facebook Subscribe to our Youtube Channel ​

  • Porto Alegre em Cena | Inscrições

    2021 international program schedule subject to change

  • Porto Alegre em Cena 29ª Edição | Dezembro 2022

    2021 international program schedule subject to change Guia Afetivo da cidade – affectionate city guide Click to download (in portuguese) Rediscovering Porto Alegre I feel infinite pain From the streets of Porto Alegre Where I will never go…... Workshops 2021 – Selected Check out those selected for the workshops on the schedule of the 28th Porto Alegre em Cena: Intervenções urbanas corpo e cidade - Urban... Václav Pacl 10/20 at 19:30 pm Theatro São Pedro Praça Marechal Deodoro, s/n° - Centro Histórico Tickets will be distributed from 10/18 onwards, by... Televisões: o jogo das velhas (Televisions: The Tic Tac Toe) 10/25 – 6pm Porto Alegre em Cena Youtube Using the life stories of his four grandmothers as a starting point, the author creates a... Evaporar – os dias que soam no escuro (Evaporate - the days that sound in the dark) 10/27 – 6pm Porto Alegre em Cena Youtube The scene - the result of theoretical-practical research in theater for the graduation course:... Obediência (Obedience) 10/28 – 6:50pm Porto Alegre em Cena Youtube A game of power and desire. Two figures: one that dominates – power (male) – and the... Enófila analisa: mijê de gatê (Enófila analyzes: mijê de gatê) 10/26 – 6:40pm Porto Alegre em Cena Youtube The clown Enólifa Polenta is a wine specialist sommelier. In this small issue, she analyzes... Eu preciso da sua presença (I need your presence) 10/29 – 6pm Porto Alegre em Cena Youtube “I need your presence” is a scenic-documentary experiment about the efforts, desires and fears... Sobre mãe e filha (about mother and daughter) 10/22 – 6pm Porto Alegre em Cena Youtube The insistence of a mother who, daily, demands from her daughter the origin of a world, the... Meu canto é de ninguém (My singing is nobody’s) 10/20 – 6pm Porto Alegre em Cena Channel on Youtube An epiphany that can be captured for a moment, inspired by Clarice Lispector, in... Isso é um começo (this is a start) 10/21 – 6:16pm Porto Alegre em Cena Youtube Start. To start. Have to start. The beginning is a strange place, it is an undefined place,... 28th Porto Alegre em Cena opens registration for local shows Divided into two categories, urban and digital performances, the selection of local shows is open from July 5th to 25th. Check the... Registration for national and international shows Applications for national* and international shows to be part of the Porto Alegre em Cena program schedule can be submitted, according to... SELECTED LOCAL PERFORMANCES (photo: Juliana Alabarse) The 28th Porto Alegre em Cena, which will take place from October 19th to 31st, both online and in person,... Collaborate with the creation of the Colombian show Infinitos Some people discovered the value of silence, others missed hugs and kisses, others didn't need the noise of the city. Some imagine the... Nhe ´ery – Existe uma cidade sobre nós e Jardim Guarani (There's a city above us and Guarani Garden) Nhe ´ery – Existe uma cidade sobre nós e Jardim Guarani (Nhe ´ery – There is a city above us and Guarani Garden), by Xadalu Tupã Jekupé...

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