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meeting spot program 2021
schedule subject to change

For the second year, the traditional Meeting Spot of Porto Alegre em Cena will take place as a daily show, integrating the festival's programming, broadcast live directly from Fábrica do Futuro at 11 am.


Conceived as a space where artists, technical professionals, critics and the public could debate the event's attractions, the Meeting Spot features the presentation and edition of journalist Bruna Paulin, who also headed the show in 2020. The attraction presents the highlights of the daily program, deepens the analysis of the previous day's performances and promotes interviews with artists who are part of the festival. The novelty of this edition is the attraction Reflexão em Cena (Reflecting on Stage), which will receive debates with performers and guests. The show will be available also in audio version, free, on Spotify. 


“We had a great experience with the Meeting Spot in this new format in 2020, bringing a relaxed chat that used to roll from the Meeting Spots face-to-face to the screens. This year the project gets a new home and will feature guests in person, as well as online participation”, says Bruna, artist and communicator.


The initiative is also aimed at enhancing the festival's accessibility, providing audio content for the visually impaired and translation and interpretation into LIBRAS for the deaf public.  


The programs will be broadcast live on YouTube from Porto Alegre in Cena and will also be available for free on the Cubo Play platform ( )

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