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Weapon is a part of my body

Weapon is a part of my body – digital performance – Brazil/Israel/England

10/24 and 10/31, at 11 am

in the schedule of the Meeting Point Program

Duration: 60 minutes.

Age rating: 14 years old

Co-production Brazil-Israel-United Kingdom, Weapon is a part of my body is a show developed between Brazilian Pedro Granato and Israeli Ruthie Osterman. On stage, two theater artists in their late thirties, first-time parents, question how violence is linked to their identities, their survival and connections to a place. On the roofs of their respective cities (Granato in São Paulo and Ruthie in Liverpool) they share personal stories that cross births, wars, deaths and conquests.

The collaboration between the artists began in 2019 with Babylon Beyond Borders – Babilônia Sem Fronteiras, a show that took place simultaneously in four cities around the world (London/Bush Theatre, New York/Harlem Stage, São Paulo/SESC Consolação and Johannesburg/Market Theater ), with live broadcast, and which had great repercussion from the public and critics, with all its sessions sold out.

In A Weapon is a Part of My Body, they continue to explore the theme of contemporary exile, now focused on the cross between Israel and Brazil, exploring the political tensions that currently exist between the two countries and within each one, trying to understand and reveal how violence formed their identities.

Born in Israel and currently living in Liverpool, Ruthie Osterman addresses how violence shaped her way of life using accounts of violence she encountered in her youth during the Gulf War, learning from her grandmother – a Holocaust survivor – and the experience in the Israeli Army. Pedro Granato, from São Paulo, crosses these stories with his experience in public power and his approach to politicians and their violent power games.

The digital format allows the creation of a work for the public in São Paulo and Israel, and simultaneously broadcast via YouTube channel to people around the world. “The combination of digital media and live performance not only works but also complements the content of our artistic research, with the contemporary language that represents the spirit of the times”, says Granato.

“We believe that in this moment of pandemic, with closed borders, radicalization, fear of the other and domination of social media, human encounter and international collaborations are critically necessary and have the real power to generate significant change. That's why we created together. Furthermore, it is important for us that these collaborations are not just one-off, but rather long-term. Collaboration, dialogue, involvement with participants and the public are much deeper and more interesting”, completes Ruthie Osterman.


A mother and father, continents apart, reflect on how power and violence shaped their trajectories. On the roofs of their cities they share personal stories that cross births, wars, deaths and conquests.


Performance and creation: Ruthie Osterman and Pedro Granato. Technical Director: Gustavo Bricks. Camera and Visual UK: Nuphar Blechner. Visual coordinator and text transcription: Isabela Mello. Original Soundtrack: Décio 7. Costumes UK: Shir Bar-Hen. OBS Operator: Henrique Natálio. Press Office: Adriana Balsanelli. Production and Communication Assistant: Carolina Henriques. Teaser and Social Media: Carolina Romano. Project Assistant: Bianca Bertolotto. Production: Pequeno Ato e Contorno Produções. Production Direction: Jessica Rodrigues and Victoria Martinez.


photo: Nadja Kouchi


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