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10/22 – 6:14pm

Live Youtube/Zoom/WhatsApp

A group of friends, shaken by the disappearance of one of them, gather in a video call. Strange things start to happen. You are invited to lead the investigation to unravel this mystery. If you agree to participate, you only have one chance to find the culprit.

Get ready, because the game is about to start!


Direction: Ricardo Zygomático

Cast: Gabriel Brochier, Martina Fensterseifer, Renata Cáceres Lorenzi and Thainan Rocha

Author: The group

Soundtrack: The group

Music production: The group

Costume: The group

Coordination: Luciana Éboli and Silvia Balestreri

Photos: Martina Fensterseifer

Duration: 60 minutes

Indicative rating: 14 years old

Originated in the acting stage of Gabriel Brochier and Renata Cáceres Lorenzi


The show is live. It starts on WhatsApp and continues on both YouTube and Zoom.



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