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She and the pigs

She and the pigs - by Ignacia González - Chile

10/20 to 10/22 at 8pm

“Ella y los cerdos” is a lecture show by the powerful playwright Leonardo González based on the novel Amuleto (1998) by Roberto Bolaño. The award-winning show takes place in the confines of any school in a Latin American country under a military dictatorship. Who speaks to us is Auxilio, a young philosophy professor who, from her secret hiding place, will travel back in time and narrate occurrences related to various events of violence against students and professors in Latin America. The play was created with a deep investigation of sound, light and object and the result is a contemporary, minimalist and incredible comic staging, where the audience immerses with Auxilio Lacouture in her questions and premonitions. This work was the Festival La Rebelión de las Voces 2019 winner.


Directed by: Ignacia González

Dramaturgy: Leonardo González

Cast: Francisca Traslaviña

Sound design: Ignacia González y Francisca Traslaviña

Lighting: Gabriela Torrejón

Materialities and objects: Fernanda Videla

Photo: Juan Hoppe


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