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Sr. Esquisito (Sr. Weird)

Mr. Weird – digital show by Coletivo Esquisites - RS

10/26, 8pm

Mr. Weird is a play about being normal and not being so normal. About the looks that judge us. But also about our oddities that make us unique. In this play, artists play at counting, singing and interpreting characters that seem to have come out of illustrations in a children's book. A weird people, telling a weird story, about how good it is to be the way we are.

Above all, it's a play about a writer who was born on a blizzard day, collected pencils, and who could have made the world even more beautiful if he hadn't said goodbye to the world so soon.

This collective of artists, exceptional in their fields and with different trajectories, come together in 2019, in “Mr. Weird”, because of a common nostalgia. All these people worked with Hermes Bernardi Jr. on some project; directing, lighting, setting music, creating, having fun... Our artistic affinities, added to the affective and professional bond with Hermes, formed this weird group. In all this, we give faith.


Text: Hermes Bernardi Jr.

Direction, Script and Interpretation: Arlete Cunha, Evandro Soldatelli and Rodrigo Vrech

Scenography: Cleo Magueta

Costume: Lígia Rigo

Lighting: Nara Maia

Original Soundtrack: Márcio Petracco and Pedro Rocha Petracco

Video Direction: Eduardo Canto

Animation: Manoel C. Magueta

Executive Production: Evandro Soldatelli

Free classification

photo: Eduardo Canto


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