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Knowing Video mapping

10/20 – 6pm to 8:30pm

Online by Zoom

1. Overview of architectural projections, objects and scenarios:

Who are the artists working with this technique? What do we need to learn? What softwares and equipment to use?

2. Planning:

Understand the project, meet the artists and interact with other areas. Will there be scenery, art direction, costumes? Will there be people and things moving?

3. Production of videos and images in various formats:

How to set the projection area, which and how many projectors to use.

How to prepare the Blueprint (2-dimensional vector blueprint: content creation framework for video mapping).

Soundtrack definition.

4. Preparation of the presentation:


Video adjustments on the projection surface with a mapping program;

Live video mapping performances of architecture, in visual arts, theaters, concerts, events.

Lecturer: Jana Castoldi

Graduated in Visual Arts at UFRGS, she works with art and entertainment, using projections and videomapping. VJ at hundreds of parties and shows since 2015. Her projections have been part of music videos, documentaries and video arts. She has received awards in Visual Arts Salons and Festivals in João Pessoa-PB, Garanhuns-PE and Porto Alegre-RS. In theatrical plays, she worked with several directors and groups, such as Cia Espaço em Branco and Grupo Pretagô; She integrated performances and shows, with Bloco da Laje, Coletivo Âmago, singer Yanto Laitano and others. After the pandemic, she started to work in urban interventions, was curator of Mostra Cine Schema Novo de Janelas Abertas and producer of Mostra Tela Indígena, with the Projetores pela Cultura collective, which is a member and founder.

She held workshops and virtual conversations about VJ, video mapping and projections in the city within several projects and events:

● Carrying out a VJ workshop within the Solidarity Workshop project in 2020;

● Workshop on the Compensation Zones extension project of the GIIP Research Group (UNESP - São Paulo) in partnership with the University of Seville (Spain), within the meeting with the theme: Adaptability in the frontiers of confined space: expressions and poetic interlocutions , in September 2020;

● Carrying out the Video Mapping and Projection workshop as tactics for occupying urban space in times of isolation, with Coletivo Projectores pela Cultura, within the Integra Artes project, for the creation and training of audiences in the arts during social isolation, in 2021;

● Participation in live: The professional practice of mapped projection, within the schedule of the 27th Porto Alegre em Cena, in 2020;

● Live participation: How to be an Illuminator and VJ in a carnival block in the summer sun and other impossible missions, with Carol Zimmer and Jana Castoldi, in the project “2021 Uma Odisseia na Laje”, by Bloco da Laje, in 2021.

photo: Enrique Salgado


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