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Entidades – Large installation by Roraima artist Jaider Esbell - RR

10/19 to 10/31

Espelho D'água at Parque da Redenção

The work Entidades is originally a painting created by the indigenous artist from Roraima, Jaider Esbell, which carries along the symbology of the Makuxi people. The two snakes in the painting were transformed into luminous balloons that will occupy the city of Porto Alegre, more precisely the water mirror in Parque da Redenção, in the center of the city from October 19th to 31st. Symbols of fertility and abundance, giant snakes work incessantly to protect, alert and keep the native people alive.

For the artist, snakes also represent “the path of water, of plenty, because it lives underground, in large underground rivers, keeping the water's movement always pulsating. The idea arises to sacralize this animal whose wisdom, medicine and power many people still do not value. The artist also suggests that this cosmology be updated for other realities, such as to replace mining by another form of economy.

photo: bruno figueiredo


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