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10/23 – 2pm to 6pm

Areal da Baronesa – in person

Target audience: people from the community

Circus Workshop, with Luciano Fernandes, proposes to work looking for new ways to increase the individual and group capacity to express themselves. Working the body and spirit, thus stimulating the process of self-revelation, breaking limits and patterns, looking for new forms of communication and experiences through circus, theatrical and dance techniques, such as stilts, juggling (evolutions with objects ), pyrophagy (fire in contact with the body), pyrotechnics (fire on objects), makeup, acrobatics (ground exercises similar to Olympic gymnastics), balancing (balancing on objects or balancing objects), musicalization (playing the drum, snare drum, guitar) improvisation, body and vocal expression. The workshop democratizes various artistic techniques, equipping people who have never had access to the arts, making them able to create and experience taking possession of these techniques to assemble their own alternative artistic shows that speak of their reality.


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