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Respira não pira (breathe don't freak out)

Breathe don't freak out - urban performance by the NIC Mulheres Palhaças group - RS

10/24 – 2 pm

Esplanada da Restinga and pedestrian signals at João Antônio da Silveira Street near Almada Street

10/24 – 4 pm

Inácio Antônio da Silva Square – Belém Novo and semaphore on the corner of Heitor and Cecílio Monza streets

BREATHE, DON'T FREAK OUT is an exercise that can be contagious. The laughter and poetry of clowns have the power to transform those who let themselves lead by its incantations. The seven clowns set off together in search of a good place to meditate and relax, but the path is always the most important.

This is a performance performed by seven clowns who are part of the NIC Mulheres Palhaças, a tour full of encounters, exchanges and precious connections with the population. An experience open to the public, where the focus will be the presence, the sensitive game, and the playful state of the clowns.


Direction: Melissa Dornelles

Directing assistance: Giovanna Zottis

Clowns: Alessandra Matzenauer, Carla Vendramin, Giovanna Zottis, Kalisy Cabeda, Letícia Moreira, Lolita Goldschmidt and Melissa Dornelles

Dramaturgy: NIC-Mulheres Palhaças

Soundtrack: NIC-Mulheres Palhaças

Costume: NIC-Mulheres Palhaças

Production Coordination: Kalisy Cabeda and Lolita Goldschmidt

General Production: NIC Mulheres Palhaças

photo: Luciane Pires Ferreira


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