chronicles of tomorrow 2021
schedule subject to change

“Chronicles of Tomorrow”, fictional stories in podcast format, gets its second season on the 28th Porto Alegre em Cena. The format was designed and created for the festival in 2020 by “Última Cia. de Teatro” and Jaques Machado Produções Artísticas remains at the festival with eight unpublished stories. In this edition, everyday absurdities remain at the center of the stories, but with a more genuine look at human feelings and relationships. This year, the project increased the number of playwright guests, from four in the last edition to seven writers. They are: Andrea Rodrigues, Aterna Pessoa, Jaques Machado, Lincoln Camargo, Paulo Roberto Farias, Pedro Bertoldi and Silvana Rodrigues. The episodes will feature interpretations of 14 actresses and actors, same number of cast as the first season. Among them are: Álvaro RosaCosta, Bianca Ramires, Bruno Fernandes, Camila Bauermann, Dandaru Cordeoli, Fayola Ferreira, Isaque Acosta, Jaques Machado, João Pedro Araújo, Juliano Félix, Lincoln Camargo, Maya Marqz, Mirna Spritzer and Xandre Martineli. The original soundtrack and audio design is by Casemiro Azevedo. The visual identity is by Jimi Melo. Production direction by Jaques Machado Produções Artísticas. Realization by “Última Cia. de Teatro”, 28th Porto Alegre em Cena and Secretariat of Culture of Porto Alegre.