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Utopianism Sparkle

10/21 – 6pm

In a dystopian future where the sensuality of the female figure is punished by society, seven different women get together and find the courage to participate in a new and secret digital platform, Utopianism Sparkle, which proposes to go against all the standards imposed by the current dictatorial government.

Motivated by curiosity about their bodies and intrigued by the new digital format of secret communication, they enjoy the pleasure of sharing their images anonymously, interacting with each other. Without realizing that there is a possible intruder between them, the tension grows, which can cause them some serious problems.


Direction: René de Palma

Itinerary: René de Palma

Cast: Alycia Cavalli / Cândida Vitória / Dara Deon / Helen Brasil / Julia Visentini / Mônica Borba / Rodrigo Grings / Vivian Azevedo / Rafael Domingues

Advisor: Chico Machado

Work resulting from research in different spaces of relationship and insertion of the public for the discipline of Fundamentals of Scenography, led by Professor Chico Machado in the 2020/02 semester.

Time: 15:53

Indicative rating: 14 years old



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