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Urban interventions Body and City

10/21 – 2pm to 5pm

Zoom – online

Limit: 20 people

Required Documents for Application: Expression of Interest Letter and Summary Resume

The Anti Status Quo Dance Company invites artists from all over Brazil and from Porto Alegre that transit between performing and visual arts for a sharing and an experience about the relationship of the body with the City. The proposal is for immersion in the expanded field of dance in approach to the visual arts and performing art through one of the creations of the Brasília-DF group, the urban intervention CAMALEÕES, work that is part of Corpo e Cidade, developed since 2003, that investigates artistic actions from, to, about and on the urban streets.

The ideas of the work will be broken down until we get to the concepts, diving into practical investigations and sharpening the layers of the perception of the relationship between the body and the materiality of urban space. Through frictions between the visible and the invisible, reality and fiction, we will work with collage, the redefinition of words and of images and camouflage. Research in visual dramaturgy and performance actions of the work will be carried out collectively through sensitive urban mapping and critical reflections on the body, society and culture that address notions of the body, molds of social behavior, exacerbated consumption, visual pollution, alienation and media appropriation.

Suitable for: Interested in investigations into the relationship of the body with the city and in performance works on the street and, also, artistic works that experiment in the transversality between artistic and non-artistic disciplines. Performers, dancers, actors, visual artists who have the body as a central interest, collage artists and artists who transit through countless artistic languages.

Required material: Participants must have for the online meetings collage material, such as magazines, newspaper and books to be cut, scissors and glue.

Facilitator: Luciana Lara (artistic director of Anti Status Quo dance company) in collaboration with the cast of Chameleons. Chameleons: it is an urban intervention made up of disappearances. Bodies fully covered by magazine clippings and material from advertising loses its contours and merges with shop windows, entrances of stores, walls, billboards and other environments in large cities commercials. Images and words, taken from ads and advertisements are strategically glued on different parts of the bodies of the dancers, forming a second skin. The relationships between jargon advertising and body parts generate connotations that can reveal and denounce the distortions of values, ideologies, and notions of the body produced by the current economic system. As commodity bodies, the person disappears into what he produces and consumes. The disappearances re-signify the visual pollution of the urban environment, raising questions about exacerbated consumption, overexposure to information, the hyper sexualization of the body as a publicity resource, and the increasing commodification of modern life.

LUCIANA LARA is a contemporary dance artist, choreographer and director of the Anti Status Quo Dance Company, one of the most recognized artistic groups from Brasília and the Midwest of Brazil. Master from the University of Brasília (UnB). Specialization in Laban Center in London – England. Degree in Performing Arts by Faculty of Arts Dulcina de Morais. Her work is distinguished by the experimentation and research on dance language, dramaturgies criticism and strong dialogue with the visual arts. Develop investigation on the relationship between the body and the city since 2003. Main interests: trans/indisciplinary approach, expanded concepts of dance, art as experience, perception, creative processes, dramaturgy, relationship with the public and new media and formats. She wrote and choreographed the book “Arqueologia de um processo criativo - Um livro Coreográfico” (2010), by the Antistatusquo publisher. Highlights creations: Microutopias Cotidianas Aglutinantes do Lugar – walking performance (2019), De Carne e Concreto - Uma Instalação coreográfica (2014), Cidade em Plano (2006) and the urban interventions: Camaleões (2009), Sacolas na cabeça (2014).

photo: luciana lara


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