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Isso é um começo (this is a start)

10/21 – 6:16pm

Start. To start. Have to start. The beginning is a strange place, it is an undefined place, it is a non-place. Where you don't know where else you go after... So should this be a beginning, a middle or maybe an end? “This is a start” is a video-scene-documentary that was built by nostalgia and distance during the finishing of the Final Course Work for the graduation in Theater: Licentiate by the State University of Rio Grande do Sul - Uergs in 2020. With its documentary character, the video-scene expands its gaze to document beyond fictional theatrical scenes completed, but also to portray and make images the creative processes that are explored to create researches in art during pandemic times.


Direction and design: Lucas Peiter

Performance: Lucas Peiter

Photography: Lucas Peiter

Filming and editing: Lucas Peiter

Guidance: Prof. Dr. Marcelo Adams



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