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A última negra (The last black woman)

A Última Negra – digital spectacle of the Gompa Project - RS

10/25, 8pm

What would you do if you woke up being the only survivor of a massacre? What would you do if your memories were erased? In a first world Brazil, the discovery of a black woman frozen for 100 years rekindles the discussion about the structural racism that exists in the country. An archaeological artifact? A victim of the system? Or just a woman trying to retrieve her stolen stories? Who is the Last Black?

The virtual show entitled A ÚLTIMA NEGRA, part of a questioning of the Gaucho actress Hayline Vitória in face of Pedro Bertoldi's dramaturgical provocations about what it would be like to be the last black person in Brazil. In the text by the playwright from Rio Grande do Sul, 100 years after the fire at the National Museum, an archaeologist finds the body of a frozen black woman. Inexplicably, Dandara survived more than a century below zero degrees and its survival in a Brazil where for many years there are no traces of black people, rekindles discussions about institutional racism in the country.


Original story and dramaturgy: Pedro Bertoldi

Directed by: Silvana Rodrigues and Camila Bauer

Cast: Hayline Vitória, Álvaro RosaCosta, Fabrício Zavareze, Fabiane Severo, Guilherme

Ferrêra and Henrique Gonçalves

Image and editing direction: Julio Estevan

Original soundtrack and sound editing: Álvaro RosaCosta

Costume orientation: Fabiane Severo and Guilherme Ferrêra

Graphic Designer: Mitti Mendonça

Photography and creation of teasers: Júlio Estevan

Advice and production of media content: Tainã Rosa

Press office: Thais Silveira

Video Production: Julio Estevan

Music production: Álvaro RosaCosta

Administrative/cultural production: Hayline Vitória

Executive Production: Silvia Duarte

Realization: GOMPA Project

Funding: Pró Cultura RS - Incentive Law and Fund, Secretariat of Culture - Government

of the State of Rio Grande do Sul

Support: EntreAtos

Realization and Production - Gompa Project

photo: Julio Estefan


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