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The body as sound memory

10/28 and 10/29 - 10 am to 12 pm

Location: Zoom

Limit: 15 people

Required Documents for Application: Expression of Interest Letter and Summary Resume.

Workshop “The body as sound memory” Persona Theater Company – Chile

This workshop invites to open a theoretical-practical discussion field about the role that sound appearance can achieve in a staging. Understanding the body, voice, word and sound of objects as actors and not just content transmitters, but as catalysts for aesthetic experiences.

It will work on deepening the sensory experience of listening, rhythm, sound textures and voice; as elements to reconstruct memories of and participants. In this workshop, participants will experience exercises in listening, vocal exploration and object foley. We will do exercises that, starting with personal memories and sound tools, will allow us to develop a reconstruction of a soundscape.

* It is recommended to have an audio recorder, or a cell phone that allows you to record audios. To perform some exercises, you will work with an application that allows you to overlay sound layers.

Addressed to: Aimed at people with or without previous experience in performing arts, who are interested in problematizing aspects of "theatrical" through listening and creating sound.

Axes of work:

- From the Teathron to the Auditorium: body, object and soundscape

- Vocal technique and objects foley.

Ignacia González (Director of the Persona Theater Company, Chile).

Francisca Traslaviña (Actress, Persona Theater Company, Chile).


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