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Televisões: o jogo das velhas (Televisions: The Tic Tac Toe)

10/25 – 6pm

Using the life stories of his four grandmothers as a starting point, the author creates a television universe to pay homage to them in his graduation work. Using concepts such as games and parody, Televisões: o Jogo das Velhas reimagines, through the resources of the pandemic Brazil of 2020, situations experienced by the muses of its creation: the old women.


Direction, acting and editing: Eduardo Fronckowiak

Guidance: Prof. Dr. Carlos Roberto Mödinger

Soundtrack researched: Eduardo Fronckowiak

Costume: Eduardo Fronckowiak

Production assistance: Charlene Uez, Duda Timm and Matheus Wobeto

Special guest: Edi Cogo, Gilda Giordani Becker and Lindária de Oliveira



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