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(photo: Juliana Alabarse)

The 28th Porto Alegre em Cena, which will take place from October 19th to 31st, both online and in person, started in July the call of local artists, companies and groups. Aiming at selecting proposals for original or unpublished artistic works to be presented in public spaces, open to the people and that do not generate agglomerations, the works were divided into two categories: Urban Performances and Digital Performances.

For the selection, professionals from the Union of Artists and Technicians in Entertainment Shows of RS (SATED/RS), course coordinators from the Department of Dramatic Art at UFRGS and theater coordination at UERGS. They are: Luciana Eboli (DAD/UFRGS), Henrique Saidel (DAD/UFRGS), Yara Deodoro (Porto Alegre em Cena), Raquel Kubeo (Porto Alegre em Cena), Luciano Fernandes (SATED/RS), Tatiana Cardoso (UERGS) and Diego Ferreira (UERGS).

It took more than two hours of deliberations. The virtual meeting of the judges took place on Friday (August 6th) and the selected works were:

Urban Performances

RESPIRA NÃO PIRA / NIC Mulheres palhaças

It is a performance/field trip performed by the seven clowns who are members of the NIC clown women. A tour full of encounters, exchanges and precious connections with the people of the city, aimed at a sensitive interaction with the space and with walking people. An experience open to the people, in which the focus will be the presence, the sensitive game, and the playful state of the clowns.

BANDO / Máscara Em Cena

The urban performance BANDO is an artistic intervention in an itinerary format that presents the hybrid figures of carrier pigeons as the bastion of poetic resistance in times of pandemic. In this itinerant event, the actors and actresses of the Máscara EnCena group dive into a new research that bets on the use of animal masks and performance actions.

KUUMBA / Performer Mayura Matos

“KUUMBA: Creativity, Encounter and Affections" is a performance-installation that aims to disseminate, in a poetic, ethical and aesthetic way, the Afro-Brazilian civilizing values, presented by the intellectual Azoilda Trindade for the program A Cor da Cultura.


Anatomia Temporária é an artistic work developed by Carol Martins that creates an experiment in the intersection of languages between circus, dance and performance.


Voluntários da Pátria is an unprecedented proposal for urban performance: a luminous nocturnal parade running through the Central Quadrangle of Porto Alegre (Voluntários da Pátria, Marechal Floriano Peixoto, Salgado Filho, Doutor Flores). The artists represent allegories of hope and celebration of life, behaving as protective entities of those who break through the streets in their routine - as guardian angels.

Digital Performances

A ÚLTIMA NEGRA / Coletivo Projeto GOMPA

The digital show entitled A ÚLTIMA NEGRA (THE LAST BLACK), starts from a questioning of the actress Hayline Vitória in face of Pedro Bertoldi's dramaturgical provocations about what it would be like to be the last black person in Brazil?

SR. ESQUISITO / Direção: Arlete Cunha, Rodrigo Vrech e Evandro Soldatelli

Mr. Weird is a play about being normal and not being so normal. About the looks that judge us. But also about our oddities that make us unique.

CO ÊS / Rui Moreira Cia. De Danças

Co Ês (with them) is a storytelling through gestures. The performance is built from the fantasies and memories of a traveler, a wanderer, a “dancewalker”, which are visited in different everyday situations.

DE LA MANCHA / Rococó Produções Artísticas e Culturais

Freely inspired by the Classic Don Quixote de La Mancha, by Miguel Cervantes, it is an authorial work that mixes, through its play of languages, the techniques of Theater, Storytelling, Shadow Theater, Singing, Dance, Music and Puppet Manipulation, deepening the study of potencies in epic narrative in theater for children and youth.

QUASE CORPOS / Tribo de Atuadores Ói Nóis Aqui Traveiz

Free version for the play “Krapp's Last Tape” by Samuel Beckett, written in 1958. It is an easy work to understand that shows the confrontation of an old man, 69 years old - played by Paulo Flores - with his past, when he was still relatively young.


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