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Enófila analisa: mijê de gatê (Enófila analyzes: mijê de gatê)

10/26 – 6:40pm

The clown Enólifa Polenta is a wine specialist sommelier. In this small issue, she analyzes and tastes the French Mijê de Gatê wine, but it doesn't have the expected aromas and flavors. Her old and good companion Brazilian wine from the demijohn makes her happy. This video-scene was inspired by the online show Enólifa Someliê, which was the conclusion of the Undergraduate Course in Theater: Degree from the State University of Rio Grande do Sul in 2020-2, developed by actress Mônica Blume.


Actress: Mônica Blume - Palhaça Enólifa Polenta

TCC guidance: Prof. Dr. Marcelo Adams

Costume: Raquel Cappelletto

Production: Cia Teatral Acto

Filming, editing and photographs: Guilherme Carniel

Filming set: Espaço Coletivo das Artes - Garibaldi - RS



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