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Obediência (Obedience)

10/28 – 6:50pm

A game of power and desire. Two figures: one that dominates – power (male) – and the subalternized – the object of power and desire (female). The male figure, the one who creates, commands and dominates, feels threatened by the figure created by himself, when the objectified figure presents its own will. In this dispute, it seems that the only way to maintain power is to annihilate the existence of those who disobey.


Author: Natasha Centenaro

Directed by: Marina Müller Rodrigues

Orientation: Jezebel De Carli

Performance: Gabriela Mauss and Pam Magalhães

Costumes: Franciéli Pictures

Sound design: Loro Bardot

Image capture and editing: Bruna Letícia Monteiro

Final edition: Anne Plein and Bruna Johann Nery

Psychology: Danielli Silva

Communication: Juliana Johann and Igor Ramos

Backstage: Vinícius Plein

Location: Suely de Barros

Production: Anne Plein and Bruna Johann Nery

Production assistance: Fatima Plein

Audiovisual production: Carla Cardoso Lopes and Maria Júlia Pretzel



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