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Meu canto é de ninguém (My singing is nobody’s)

10/20 – 6pm

An epiphany that can be captured for a moment, inspired by Clarice Lispector, in which the actress and author writes a short story entitled The son rat, based on a gift left by her cat Lilico. Between the paradox of life and death, the accelerated pace of everyday life and the search for the slowness that explodes, there is an attempt to materialize something that flows.


Dramaturgy: Charlene Uez

Basic tale: O rato filho de Charlene Uez

Orientation: Tatiana Cardoso

Acting and direction: Charlene Uez

Special guest: Enzo Cavion

Production assistance: Jamille Uez and Salete Comerlato Uez

Edition: Eduardo Fronckowiak



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