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Kuumba – urban performance by Mayura Matos – RS

10/28 - 12pm

Portões do Cais

Start at Sepúlveda Av. and Alfândega Square

10/31 - 4 pm

Mexico Square

Ada Vaz Cabeda St. – Alto Petrópolis

“KUUMBA: Criatividade, Encontros e Afetos” is a performance-installation that aims to disseminate, in a poetic, ethical and aesthetic way, the Afro-Brazilian civilizing values, presented by the intellectual Azoilda Trindade for the program A Cor da Cultura.

Performer: Mayura Matos

Author: Mayura Matos

Producer: Yannikson

Costume designer: Eduardo Arruda

LIBRAS Interpreter: Joana Amaral

Performance Duration: Approximately 2 hours.

photo: Bruna Lopes Photography


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