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Infinitos - by Carmen Gil, Cia. La Quinta del Lobo in artistic residency with artists from Rio Grande do Sul Sandra and Miriã Possani - Colombia

10/23 and 10/24, at 8pm

Teatro Bruno Kiefer – CCMQ

Rua dos Andradas, 736 - Centro Histórico

Infinitos is much more than a beautiful show, it is a complete interactive experience in which the audience collaborates in the creation of the texts that will be used in the play.

The project arises from an epigraph by Jorge Luis Borges' Aleph in which he quotes Hamlet's phrase: I could be stuck in the shell of a nut and still feel like the king of infinite space. This perception of the invisible, this small place that contains the Universe, is what appears in Infinites through 4 provocations: revelations, nostalgia, distances and omens. From them, the public is invited to comment about their thoughts and experiences on the project's website created especially for Porto Alegre em Cena.


Conception, general direction, art, live video: Carmen Gil Vrolijk

Direction and musical and sound creation: Camilo Giraldo Angel

Creation and Interactivity: Sebastián González Dixon

Brazilian Actresses: Sandra Possani and Miriã Possani

The comments will be sources for the creation of videos and, finally, for the show that will be presented from an artistic residency with two local actors. Infinitos is a beautiful journey through modern times, in which the audience will be able to identify with the stories of others and find themselves in this creation.


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