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How things got here

How things got here – by Iván Haidar – Argentina

10/28 to 10/30, 6pm and 9pm

Galeria La Photo

Travessa da Paz, 44 - Farroupilha

An incredible work by the virtuous artist and performer Iván Haidar, who for years has been working on research about the production of scenic devices, creation of languages ​​and experiences of the body in performance. In his latest work How Things Got Here, he perform with an image and plays with an environment and with himself, sometimes virtual and sometimes real.

In space, we notice that something happened recently and we see the overlap between past and present. We wonder at first how things got to this place, but it doesn't matter what the answer is. It doesn't really matter, we just want to imagine what's possible before it happens.


Composition and performance: Iván Haidar

Artistic support: Constanza Copello

Co-production: Fundación Cazadores

This work is part of Install Danza II, curated by Elina Rodríguez and Viviana Isparra. This project received a grant from the Instituto para el Fomento de la Actividad de

la Danza In the Official of the Ministry of Culture of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires.

With support from the Fondo Nacional de las Artes.


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