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Voluntários da Pátria (Homeland Volunteers)

Homeland Volunteers – urban performance by the Teatro Inventário group – RS

10/25 - 6pm

Quadrangle between Voluntários da Pátria Av, Senador Salgado Filho Av, Doutor Flores St and Marechal Floriano Peixoto St.

10/26 - 6pm

Assis Brasil Av in front os Shopping Wallig, sidewalks and bus stops

Homeland Volunteers (Voluntários da Pátria) were the combatants forced by the empire to fight in the Paraguayan War, the bloodiest of Brazilian conflicts. 150 years later, we live in an equally tragic new battle. In this year without carnival, we invaded the city in a night parade with allegories celebrating life. Let's light up the paths of today's volunteers, forced to risk their lives for the economy. A tribute to those who struggle and a reminder that people are meant to shine.


Director: Thainan Rocha

Cast: Amanda Santana, Angela Steiner, Isadora Fraga, Priscila Jardim, Thainan Rocha and Thaini Menegazzo

Soundtrack: Leonardo Vitorino

Costume: Thaini Menegazzo

Film performance: Daniel Houten and Renata Lorenzi

Light design: Ariel Medeiros

Dramaturgy: The group

Scenography: The group

Executive production: Priscila Jardim, Thainan Rocha and Thaini Menegazzo

photo: Gabriehl Oliveira


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