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Evaporar – os dias que soam no escuro (Evaporate - the days that sound in the dark)

10/27 – 6pm

The scene - the result of theoretical-practical research in theater for the graduation course: Graduate Course at UERGS - works in conversations with expressionism and a look at the tiniest of everyday life and its banalities. The scene emerges in the explorations of this new look at everyday life in a context of pandemic and social isolation. Transforming anguish and monotony into poetry, building a narrative that fluctuates between the fantastic and the everyday.


Film poem: Marina Martins

Capture and editing: Marina Martins

Sound design and soundtrack: Marina Martins and Daniel Mossi

Location: Nicole de Rossi

Collaboration: Giovana Martins

Guidance: Prof. Ma. Jezebel de Carli


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