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Dia de ira (day of wrath)

10/29 – 6:36pm

It's the end of the World. After the Final Judgment, all the dead were saved or condemned. However, the living were left on Earth to complete their destinies. In this post-apocalyptic world, there is a man in a church, a refugee, who seeks the answer to a troubling question: if human and divine laws are over, could he kill?


Production: João Pedro da Cunha, Lara Vitoria and Marina Greve

Direction: Henrique Strieder

Text and dramaturgy: João Pedro da Cunha

Cast: Duda Rhoden, Henrique Strieder, João Pedro da Cunha, Juliano Félix, Lara Vitoria and Marina Greve

Soundtrack: pennyroyal

Editing and mixing: Henrique Strieder and pennyroyal

Graphic art: Andressa Ahlert

Orientation: Patricia Leonardelli

João Pedro da Cunha's acting internship

DURATION: 50 minutes

Indicative rating: 16 years.

For a better experience, use headphones.

This project was covered by the Aldir Blanc Law, an emergency law for cultural workers during the pandemic period, through public notice nº 235/2020 carried out by the Canoas City Hall.



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