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Co ês

Co Ês – digital show by Rui Moreira Cia de Danças - RS

10/27, 8PM

YouTube Poa em Cena

Co Ês (with them) is a storytelling through gestures. The performance is built from the fantasies and memories of a traveler, a wanderer, a “walker”, which are visualized in different everyday situations. Relativizing the concepts of center, periphery, dream or reality, each place and each person has its history and the combination of factors and elements read as: destiny, odus, hasard, luck, build the great and divine wheel of Zambi - Supreme God in Quetu culture.

Co Ês (with them), is part of Rui Moreira's investigative project on African descent in Brazil, entitled - Ês quis q'eu isse co ês - started in 2004 from the Bolsa Vitae de Artes and continued in 2015 with sponsorship of the NATIONAL AWARD OF AFRO-BRAZILIAN CULTURAL EXPRESSIONS Cadon/Petrobrás support Fundação Cultural Palmares, from a collaboration project with the International Center for Training in Traditional and Contemporary African Dances - École des Sables (School of Sands) - founded by the dancer and choreographs Franco Senegalese Germaine Acogny, a school located in Toubab Dialaw, on the coast of Senegal. The performance premiered in the same year (2015) in Dakar and was subsequently presented in several cities in Brazil. In 2021, Rui Moreira Cia de Danças invited Luís Ferreirah, a young black filmmaker, from Rio Grande do Sul, to conceive the reinterpretation of the show in the cinematographic language in iconic locations in the city of Porto Alegre. The images were collected at the edge of the Guaíba, at Pedra Redonda, at Praça da Alfandega, at Rua dos Andradas, also known as the sidewalk of Rua da Praia and at Vila Bom Jesus in the Panama field, home to the soccer school in this neighborhood. Rui Moreira, creator, general director and creator of this performance, has been a Dance artist since 1981. Brazilian, originally from São Paulo, he lived in Belo Horizonte – Minas Gerais, Lyon – France and since 2016 has resided in Porto Alegre – Rio Grande do Sul He is a researcher of expressive languages ​​and his main focus of attention is the dialogue involving bodies, cultures and memories, using these elements as a device for his creative researches. He acts as a dancer, creative interpreter and creator, choreographer, project manager and curator.



you (with them)

creative interpreter and creator

Rui Moreira

choreographic direction

Patrick Acogny

Creative Residence

Ecole des Sables/ Toubab Dialaw – Senegal

General direction

Rui Moreira


Photography, Capture, Editing and Editing

Luís Ferreirah

Audiovisual Production Direction

Luís Ferreirah

making off


Support Porto Alegre

Executive production

Marise Siqueira

Support Belo Horizonte

Bianca Herque Moreira

Rui Herque Moreira


Studio Murillo Corrêa - Rui Moreira Mixes

Music Creation Workshop directed by Cláudia Cimbaris

Music: Where do the rails go


Songs: Persuasion, Prostitute and Assassination

Matthew Bahiense

Music: African Percussion

Dhafer Youssef

Music: Electric Sufi

Baby Menezes

Music: Study No. 20

General Production

Humanitas Art and Culture/Rui Moreira Cia de Danças

Co production


BR Producer (Law Aldir Blanc Campinas SP)

photo: Murillo Correa


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