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Camaleões - by Luciana Lara, AntiStatus Quo Cia. de Dança - Brasília / DF

10/27, at 6pm

Alfandega Square

One of the most important dance companies in Brazil, AntiStatus Quo has been developing “site specific” creations that have been very successful and has circulated in the most important performing arts festivals in many countries. In Camaleões, they create an imagery provocation through these bodies mimicked in the city's chaotic urban scenario and have an impact on the public that moves wherever they are. Camaleões is an urban intervention made up of disappearances. Bodies covered by images and words taken from advertising jargon lose their contours in the visual pollution of the urban environment and merge with shop windows, store entrances, walls and billboards. Forming a second skin, the advertising materials pasted on different parts of the bodies denounce values, ideals of life, notions of the body produced, manipulated and distorted by predatory capitalism that are uncritically incorporated by society.

Anti Status Quo Companhia de Dança (Brasília - DF)

Artistic direction and conception: Luciana Lara

Directing assistance: Déborah Alessandra

Intervening dancers: Déborah Alessandra, João Lima, Leonardo Rodrigues, Marcia Regina, Mônica Bernardes, Rebeca Damian and local guest artists.

Dancers who collaborated in the creative process: Breno Metre, Gigliola Mendes, Paula Medeiros and Leandro Menezes.

Costume Assembly: Luciana Lara, cast and local artists. Production: Marconi Valadares

Photos: Luciana Lara, Nada Zgank, Renato Mosca Duration: Approximately 60 minutes

Age rating: Free

photo: isabela bugmann


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