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Quase Corpos: Um Estudo do Teatro de Beckett – Episódio 1 – A Última Gravação (Almost Bodies...

Almost Bodies: A Study of Beckett's Theater - Episode 1 - The Last Tape – digital show by the Tribo de Atuadores Ói Nóis Aqui Traveiz - RS

10/29, at 8 pm

Free version for the play “Krapp's Last Tape” by Samuel Beckett, written in 1958. It is an easy to understand work that shows the confrontation of an old man, 69 years old - played by Paulo Flores - with his past, when he was still relatively young. Today, he is nothing more than a decrepit old man, very myopic, almost deaf and sloppy, who listens to the recording tape of thirty years ago on the recorder. He listens to his own voice narrating extinct aspirations, memories of lost loves, the death of his mother, the unconfirmed hope of literary commercial success. Memories of failure, decline and dissipation. Then he will make a new tape, as he does every year, on his birthday. Krapp's present is an expression of emptiness, absence. Old Krapp speaks little and the words faded from his memory. An embittered man, brooding in solitude, seems to have nothing relevant to evoke or perpetuate. The play, which became an audiovisual work by Ói Nóis Aqui Traveiz, lasts 50 minutes and premiered on 05/27/2021. This audiovisual work was sponsored by Ponto de Teatro of Instituto Ling through the Federal Law of Cultural Incentive.


Direction: Hi We are here Traveiz

Text: Samuel Beckett

Adaptation: Ói Nóis Aqui Traveiz from Krapp’s Last Tape

Cast: Paulo Flores

Scenography: Ói Nóis aqui Traveiz

Light design: Clelio Cardoso

Light operation: Lucas Gheller

Sound: Roberto Corbo

Art direction, costumes and props: Tania Farias

Scene and photography direction: Eugenio Barboza

Camera: Keter Velho and Eugenio Barboza

Production: Ói Nóis Aqui Traveiz

photo: Elizabeth Thiel


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