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Sobre mãe e filha (about mother and daughter)

10/22 – 6pm

The insistence of a mother who, daily, demands from her daughter the origin of a world, the origin of a life. A daughter who constantly needs to reaffirm her place in the world and gather strength to return to the coexistence she struggled so hard to leave behind. The video scene tells the story of Fátima and Betina, mother and daughter who return to live in the same house after three years apart and need to relearn how to deal with each other and their differences.


Adaptation of the text The non-origin of the world of Natasha Centenaro.

Direction: Luana Corrêa

Orientation: Jezebel de Carli

Cast: Michele Moura and Nicole Textor

Costume: The group

Soundtrack researched: Luana Corrêa Miguel Andres

General edition: Luana Corrêa and Miguel Andres



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