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10/20 – 6:22pm

A woman feeling out of place from the world around her isolates herself looking for self understanding, until she finds someone who makes her rethink the search.

Luna is a woman and an artist. If you are asked who she is, maybe the answer is: I don't know.

The search for art itself, for language itself, is also the search for itself, for its essence within solitude.


Cast: Bibiana Jung and Mariana Fernandes

Direction: Renata Lorenzi

Dramaturgy: Nairim Tomazini

Camera operation and editing: Gabriel Viero and Renata Lorenzi

Original soundtrack: Alexia Engel and Henrique Pellin

Publicity art: Khale Landvoigt

Artistic collaboration: Franciéli de Quadros, Leleo Alves and Melissa Lima

Coordination: Luciana Éboli Acting Internship: Mariana Fernandes

Support: We in Art

Indicative rating: Free

Duration: 23 minutes


photo: ágata barbi


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