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Bando (Flock)

Flock – urban performance by the Mascara EnCena group – RS

10/30 - 4 pm

Germania Park

Túlio de Rose Avenue - Passo d'Areia

10/31 - 11am

Chico Mendes Park

Um Street – Jardim Leopoldina

The urban performance BANDO is an urban intervention in a procession format presented by characters inspired by carrier pigeons used in post-war periods. Actors and actresses in bird masks cross the unhealthy chaos of a pandemic city connecting isolated people through the distribution of letters. Messages of love, friendship, nostalgia and mourning written by cloistered people will be delivered in this performance and will serve as a path between unknown subjectivities and inspiration to structure the performance narrative of the intervention. BANDO invests in the rescue of the figure of the pigeon as a bridge to reunite people who were estranged during the pandemic and celebrates the profession of postman and delivery, which are fundamental at this historic moment.


Company Name: EnCena mask

Direction: Mauricio Casiraghi

Author: Mauricio Casiraghi and EnCena Mask

Cast: Mariana Rosa , Alexandre Borin Fábio Cuelli and Camila Vergara

Soundtrack: Caio Ammon

Set Designer: Máscara EnCena

Costume: Liane Venturella

Performance Duration: 60min

photo: Mauricio Casiraghi


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