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  • Porto Alegre em Cena | COMENDO A CENA

    eating the 2020 scene schedule subject to change Eating the scene is a casual conversation, a virtual lunchtime exchange. Valéria Barcellos has a relaxed chat with relevant artists from the current scene, in an exchange of texts, ideas and good laughs. About Valeria Barcellos Valéria Barcellos has been a singer for almost 30 years, an actress, DJ, performer, writer, aspiring photographer and visual artist, "artist" and militancy. Speaks English, French and Spanish. She is also a cleaning lady. She is the human will to give black and trans women time and voice. She is black, stunted Sagittarius and trans, a woman who wants everything at the same time. A woman who is everything you want. photo: Silas Lima No posts published in this language yet Stay tuned...


    local digital shows 2020 schedule subject to change ​ Click here and see information about the Braskem em Cena Award >>> No posts published in this language yet Stay tuned...

  • Porto Alegre em Cena | ESPETÁCULOS NACIONAIS

    national programming 2020 schedule subject to change No posts published in this language yet Stay tuned...


    2021 international program schedule subject to change Václav Pacl Metaverse: we are at the end of something Infinitos She and the pigs How things got here Weapon is a part of my body


    2020 anti-crowding performances schedule subject to change No posts published in this language yet Stay tuned...

  • Porto Alegre em Cena | INGRESSOS

    TICKETS / 2020 ​ >> START OF SALES: 10/13 at 13h ​ SHOWS AVAILABLE FOR SALE: > Reverse > Together and apart 3 > Everything that fit on a VHS > As I Collapse FREE SHOWS WITH PRIOR AND LIMITED TICKETS WITHDRAWAL: > Carcass | 15th Braskem on Stage Award > #paraiso_afogado | 15th Braskem on Stage Award > Lilith Project | 15th Braskem on Stage Award > Mini Ball Coisa de Pretes – Crash in the (cis) theme | 15th Braskem on Stage Award > Hip gull | 15th Braskem on Stage Award > Masterclass: Janaína Milk > Launch: Seven Stars of the Big Car 2015-2020 > Result Show: Inquieta Cia – "Forte" Artistic Residency ​ > PURCHASE TICKETS: ​ > VALUES: BRL 10 / BRL 5 (half price) > CONVENIENCE RATE: BRL 2.50 (per ticket purchased) ​ > PAYMENT METHODS: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners, Hipercard, Elo (cash credit) and bank slip. ​ > TICKET WITHDRAWAL: You will receive the purchased tickets and instructions on how to access them in your e-mail registered on the Sympla platform. follow up your email for possible updates. IMPORTANT: For shows performed by the ZOOM platform, it is necessary to install the application in advance on your computer or smartphone. > CANCELLATION: Cancellation can be made up to 7 (seven) days after the purchase, as long as at least 48 hours before the start of the session. >> PROMOTIONAL DISCOUNTS - HALF ENTRY: (valid by CPF) ​ _Students, teachers and art class (01 ticket)*** _People with disabilities and accompanying person if necessary (01 ticket)*** _People over 60 years old (01 ticket)*** _PANVEL customers (01 ticket)** _ITAÚ Client (01 ticket)** _Employees of the MUNICIPALITY OF PORTO ALEGRE (01 ticket)* _BRASKEM Employees (01 ticket)* _PMI Foods employees (01 ticket)** _Young ID (01 Ticket)*** _Regular blood donors (01 Ticket)*** *upon presentation of the badge **upon presentation of the card ***by supporting document or report IMPORTANT: proof of half-price tickets will be requested by email. ​ ​ >> FREQUENT QUESTIONS: ​ _half price for students in accordance with law 14,612 – it is necessary to present a Student Identification Card, as well as an identity document. ​ >> MORE INFORMATION: ​ Send an email to ​ Get in touch via WhatsApp: (51) 992891260 ​ ​ ​ ​

  • Porto Alegre em Cena | PONTO DE ENCONTRO

    meeting point 2020 ​ schedule subject to change A space to follow the highlights of the daily schedule, deepen the analysis of the previous day's shows and check out interviews and unpublished audio drama productions. The program Ponto de Encontro do Porto Alegre em Cena 2020 will bring together journalist Bruna Paulin, who will receive guests live daily at 11 am on TV Em Cena. Interviews with festival attractions, testimonials about the event's stories and a daily analysis of shows are part of the program's themes, which will also feature an audio version, available free of charge on Spotify. A block with new content, produced by Jaques Machado and Lincoln Camargo, will feature audio drama episodes. ​ “The idea is to take the chat that used to happen at the festival's Meeting Point about what each one had watched, expectations about the schedule, to the Em Cena channel, since at the moment we can't meet in person”, tells the journalist and actress. “The program will be an agenda with the attractions of each day and an analysis of what was presented the day before, as a daily record”, he reveals. The initiative is also aimed at enhancing the festival's accessibility, providing audio content for blind audiences. ​ The programs will be broadcast on the festival's TV and will be available on the event's YouTube and Spotify channels. ​ Bruna Paulin is an artist and communicator. Graduated in journalism and Master in Communication from PUCRS, she has been working for 15 years in the communication and culture market. She is currently editor of the website Noite dos Museus and presents the podcast A História do Disco. ​ Photograph: Carolina Design No posts published in this language yet Stay tuned...

  • Porto Alegre em Cena | CONVERSAS EM CENA

    conversations on scene 2020 schedule subject to change. No posts published in this language yet Stay tuned...

  • Porto Alegre em Cena | VOTAÇÃO JÚRI POPULAR – 15º Prêmio Braskem em Cena

    15th Braskem on Stage Award 2020 ​ Best Digital Show Vote – Popular Jury Piece x rate here Terrible Bad Regular Good Excellent rate here Vote Thank you for voting for the 15th Braskem em Cena Award! BRASKEM IN SCENE AWARD - REGULATION 15th edition - OCTOBER / 2020 1. The 15th edition of the BRASKEM EM CENA PRIZE is exclusively linked to the shows in the city of Porto Alegre selected for the programming of the 27th PORTO ALEGRE EM CENA, an international festival of performing arts, held from October 21st to 31st, 2020. virtual. 2. All local shows, selected by the festival's curatorship, will automatically compete for the following awards: / Best Show – Big Winner (Official Jury) / Best Show – Second Place (Official Jury) / Best Show (Popular Jury) / Best Conception/Creation / Best Performer / Best Performer / Highlight Award/Scenic Elements / Soundtrack 2.1 The “Outstanding Category” provides for the award of a professional who has presented a work of significant relevance, among the 10 shows participating in the award. 3. Those elected by the BRASKEM EM CENA AWARD will receive the following cash prize: R$10,000.00 (ten thousand reais) Best Show – Big winner (Official Jury) R$7,000.00 (seven thousand reais) Best Show – Second Place (Official Jury) R$3,000.00 (three thousand reais) Best Show (Popular Jury) BRL 3,000.00 (three thousand reais) Best Conception/Creation BRL 3,000.00 (three thousand reais) best performer BRL 3,000.00 (three thousand reais) best performer BRL 3,000.00 (three thousand reais) Featured Award/Scenic Elements BRL 3,000.00 (three thousand reais) Soundtrack The total amount of the award comes from funds from Braskem's sponsorship of the festival, directly contributed. 4. The festival's audience will also be able to vote to elect the "Best Show – Juri Popuplar", at the end of the presentations of the shows competing for the award on the festival's website. Voting will be open from 7:00 pm on the day of the presentation until 1:00 pm the following day. Votes will be tallied by the festival organizers. This category will receive the BRASKEM EM CENA PRIZE – POPULAR JURY. 5. The Award's Judging Committee is composed of five members, recognized for their performance in the area of culture, who will attend the 10 (ten) competing shows during the festival. 6. The nominate of the jury for the 15th edition of the BRASKEM EM CENA PRIZE is composed of cultural journalists Alice Urbim, Carol Anchieta, Domicio Grillo, Luiz Gonzaga Lopes and Roger Lerina. 7. Each of the award judges will receive the amount of R$1,000.00 (one thousand reais), an amount paid by the festival through sponsorship received directly by Braskem. 8. The announcement of the winners will take place on October 31, starting at 20:00 in a virtual event. 9. The deliberative meeting of the judging committee will be held on the same day October 31 online. The final decision of the jury is final and cannot be appealed. 10. All local shows that compete for the award will receive a copy of this regulation, returning to the festival organization with an “agreement”. Learn more about the Award: ​ ​

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