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  • Programa Pontes: SCOTTEE

    online experiment WARRIOR NOTEPAD NOTEPAD WARRIOR is an online experiment created by English artist Scottee, who has toured over 11 countries, in which daily tasks will be available for four days here on this site. The objective of the experiment is to stimulate the construction of a notebook for the development of ideas about art and activism, based on each participant's own experiences. ​ Each day, participants will have access to a series of tasks and will have to reflect and take notes on them in their own notebooks. The idea is to encourage the artists' autonomy, reflection and writing about what arouses the desire for movement in each one. ​ The experiment is free and open to the public. ​ FEBRUARY 10 to 13 > activities at 10 am > open to the public > free > 100% online ​ Participate: DAY #1 • CLICK HERE DAY #2 • CLICK HERE DAY #3 • CLICK HERE DAY #4 • CLICK HERE online artist residency FAT BLOKES Participate in the artist residency conducted by Scottee and Lea Anderson, which has the presence of five English fatblokes and will be completely online and free. Five Brazilian fat people will be selected to close the cast and the activities will take place between February 26 and March 7, always from 4 pm to 6 pm, through the Zoom platform. Duets conducted between English and Brazilians, as well as solos by all participants, will be filmed and made available individually, during the artistic residency process, in the Fat Blokes profile on the TikTok platform. At the end, 121 micro-videos of 15 seconds each will be compiled, forming a single video showing the results, which will be presented here on the website on March 15th. “Joining five Brazilians and five Englishmen from different regions, in addition to the choreographer Lea Anderson and myself, as director, plus the translator, is a great team for this kind of intense work of creating digital dance, which seems very ambitious and exciting! ” says Scottee. ​ The selection process will be carried out by the ministering artists and the result will be announced on February 22nd. ​ 26 FEBRUARY to 07 MARCH > registration closed 02/17! > Who can apply? Anyone fat and Brazilian! > free artist residency > only 05 vacancies > certificate of participation ​ SELECTED: Anderson Luiz do Carmo Andrei Bessa Siqueira Campos Gustavo Bonfiglioli Giovana dos Santos Dutra Rosa Leo Maciel ALTERNATE: Marcia Teresinha Metz about FAT BLOKES Fat Blokes ("fat guys", in free translation) debuted in 2017 and is a kind of dance show about sagging, double chin and how to undress in public. Developed by fat artist and activist Scottee, the show brings to light why fat people are never considered sexy, but always funny. Originally done in collaboration with artist Lea Anderson and four fat guys who had never done anything artistic before, the show tackles repressed aggression, riotgrrrl (underground feminist punk movement that started in the 1990s) and hokeycokey (participatory music and dance, with distinct melody and lyrical structure, quite popular in English-speaking countries). Fat Blokes is a show full of sour humor, which initially captures the viewer with its jokes about fat gay men, but soon raises serious questions about stereotypes and, in doing so, makes an outspoken critique of society's pre-established view of their bodies. . ​ about the artist SCOTTEE Scottee is an English artist and writer who, proudly, has no formal education. He is the artistic director of Scottee&Friends, a company that was created to support, develop and create cabaret, circus, drag, liveart, dance and theater shows. Scottee has received numerous awards and toured nationally and internationally, always receiving rave reviews. The company now operates as a collective of artists, producers, creators and participants, creating theater, activism and community projects. Her projects address themes such as fat, class, queerness, death, crime and community. ​ production team FERNANDO ZUGNO - general coordination LAURA LEÃO – production coordination EDUARDO CARDOSO – programming coordination THAÍS GOMBIESKI - production DANIELA RAMIREZ - administrative assistance DÍDI JUCÁ – graphic design and website STEPHANIE EVALDT – social networks CÁTIA TEDESCO • CIGANA AGENCY – press office CAIO AMON • EROICA CONTENT – videos MANUELA ALBRECHT - English/Portuguese translation GETTLIBRAS - translation and interpretation for LIBRAS HOLLY REVELL - promotional photos


    The theater festival for children, Inclusion on Stage, believes in Culture as a form of education. Theater is an excellent catalyst for imagination, combining an enormous capacity to transmit values and educate, while having fun. In 2020, the festival reaches its 5th edition and takes place from 16th to 26th November, with workshops and storytelling, all 100% online. Storytelling will be translated and interpreted into Brazilian Sign Language (LIBRAS) and all activities are free! ​ ​ STORIES TELLING: CREATURES OF LITERATURE Literature Creatures is a contemporary shadow theater show, by Cia Teatro Lumbra, for all ages, inspired by classic stories from universal literature. Each story is an invitation to imagine, transposing into the fantastic world of reading. The adaptation of the book The Little Prince, by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, is centered on the poetic journey of this enigmatic boy through different planets, where he meets characters and life's secrets. Datasheet Script, dramaturgy, set design, lighting, acting, direction and production: Alexandre Fávero / Script, acting, direction assistance, scenography and production: Themis Nicolaidis / Script, production, direction assistance and stage technique: Fabiana Bigarella / Original soundtrack: Gustavo Finkler / Costumes for the shades: Daniel Lion / Creation and design of scene objects:Alexandre Fávero / Cenotechnics and realization: Lumbra Theater Company / Production: shadow club THE SILVA FAMILY Freely inspired by the tale Lolo Barnabas by Eva Furnari This is a story of the Silva family, a family of Brazilians and Brazilians who lived many, many years ago, in the time of the caves... Braco, Lucy and little Finfo were a very intelligent and creative family, capable of solving most of the challenges, but in the search for comfort and better conditions to live, something went wrong... Can you understand what happened? ​ Datasheet Adaptation and performance: Guilherme Ferrêra / Photograph: Maciel Goelzer WORKSHOP: Inclusion on Stage is a project that is renewed every year and, in 2020, the proposed workshop is 100% online. As is tradition, all programming is completely free and aimed at students from the municipal primary education network. The idea, this year, is to encourage the creation of performance actions, even in an online environment, due to the conditions of social distance, delivering tools and guiding the development and production of each participant. The course has a team of renowned professionals and teachers of the performing arts who, in addition to transmitting theoretical knowledge – such as aesthetic and language concepts, for example – will also analyze and experience these concepts in practice, together with students. After that, then, the workshop culminates in the third moment, which is totally practical and consists of the production of performance videos by the students, under the individual mentoring of the teachers. In this way, 4 videos will be created, one from each school. Check out the details! ​ TEACHERS: Bathista Freire is an illuminator and acts in the puppet theater with A Caixa do Elefante; he has been accompanying the show Tangos & Tragédias for 12 years, as a light operator and is also an illuminator at Rádio Esmeralda. Developed technical project for the theater at Escola Mauá de Santa Cruz, Instituto Ling and Teatro Therezinha Petry Cardona – Fundarte de Montenegro. Janaina Pelizzon , an award-winning actress on the stages of Rio Grande do Sul, has been working for 24 years. He sought academic training at the Faculty of Performing Arts at UFRGS, in street theater, children's theater and performance. Researcher of her own art, post-dramatic and experimental adult theater, works at Cia Stravaganza as a workshop, actress and producer. In Porto Alegre, he acts in cinema, short films and advertising commercials. He is developing projects in the area of Urban Intervention as a means of communication between the artist and his city, thus seeking a plurality of being an “actor”. Rita Spier is a Theater Graduate student at UFRGS, is an actress, doll maker, seamstress, costume designer and set designer. In recent years, he has been developing his work autonomously and, as a result, he ended up working and partnering with several artists from both Rio Grande do Sul and Rio de Janeiro, where he also took part in academic mobility at UNIRIO. Integrates the group of teachers and teachers of Performa Restinga. Thiago Pirajira is an actor, performer, director, producer and theater teacher. Bachelor of Theater, Master in Education and Ph.D. candidate in Performing Arts (UFRGS). He is artistic director of the Pretagô group, actor and producer of the Usina do Trabalho do Ator group, and one of the founding artists of the Carnaval collective Bloco da Laje. Vika Schabbach is an actress, producer, teacher and playwright. Graduated in Theater Interpretation and Degree in Theater. Master and doctoral student in performing arts. CONTENTS: ​ > Course aimed at the study, analysis and creation of scenic performances in isolated conditions; > Provide the group with the opportunity to know and experience the language of performance and, through it, have contact with the different areas that involve the practice and that relate to visual aspects (set, costumes, objects, lighting), scenic (acting, direction, dramaturgy) and management (production) of this artistic activity; > Put the student in contact with the specifics of theatrical-performatics language; > Present the constituent elements of performance and the phenomenology of aesthetic experience; > Study and experiment with possibilities, processes and techniques of performance creation and assembly; > Discuss the dramaturgy of performance from the dramatic text or experimentations where the focus is on dramaturgical structuring; > Approach lighting from the possibilities that space, context and basic materials offer; > Thinking about the basic principles to develop the creation and conception of set design and costumes for video performance; > Thinking about what the production of a performance video is; > Approaching performance within the contemporary artistic panorama: possibilities for insertion and sustainability. DATASHEET: General Coordination: FERNANDO ZUGNO Production Coordination: LAURA LEÃO Programming Coordination: DUDA CARDOSO Administrative Coordination: DANIELA RAMIREZ Decentralization Coordination: ADRIANE AZEVEDO Production: THAÍS GOMBIESKI Teachers: BATHISTA FREIRE, JANAÍNA PELIZZON, RITA SPIER, THIAGO PIRAJIRA and VIKA SCHABBACH Workshop videos: THIAGO LAZERI Press Office: GYPSY AGENCY • CÁTIA TEDESCO Graphic Project: DÍDI JUCÁ Promotion videos: EROICA content • CAIO AMON Social Networks: STEPHANIE EVALDT Translation and Interpretation for LIBRAS: GETTLibras • ANGELO COLLIONI, VANIZE FLORES and VINÍCIUS MARTINS

  • Porto Alegre em Cena | GAÚCHOS EM CENA

    gauchos on stage In your eighth edition, the project Gauchos on Stage has the sponsorship of Braskem and honors the actress, researcher and theatrical director Tânia Farias, great personality of the performing arts in Rio Grande do Sul and actor of the tribe Hi We are here Traveiz for more than two decades. Entitled Theater is a priesthood, the book is researched and authored by the journalist and theater critic Fábio Prikladnicki, PhD in Comparative Literature from UFRGS, reporter and columnist for the newspaper Zero Hora. ​ The launch of the work took place on March 28, at the Municipal Culture Center, in Porto Alegre, in the same week in which the 40th anniversary of the Ói Nóis Aqui Traveiz group. The event, full of guests and friends, had chat between the author and the honoree mediated by Fernando Zugno, General Coordinator of Porto Alegre em Cena, followed by a long autograph session. Tânia Farias also showed, for the first time, her musical essay, which is part of the research for the creation of the work Violeta Parra – an actuator!, in partnership with the musician Mario Falcon. ​ The literary novelty also holds a great surprise for readers: the publication of part of the artist's poetic work, for the first time in a book, revealed through 15 poems reproduced in the volume. theater is a priesthood still has presentation of Luciano Alabarse, Secretary of Culture of Porto Alegre; preface signed by Paulo Flores, actor and founder of the Ói Nóis Aqui Traveiz group; unpublished essay by the critic Valmir Santos; in addition to texts from Martha Haas (actuator of Ói Nóis), Dinho Lima Flower (from Cia. do Tijolo, from São Paulo) and Fernando Yamamoto (from Shakespeare's group Clowns). ​ Highlighting the access to content in a free, democratic, accessible and decentralized way, the work in addition to being distributed at no cost to the public interested is also available to download here on the website (click to download ). As well as, 100 copies will be sent to public schools in the city, located in outlying areas of the city and participating in audience training projects Inclusion on Scene and Saturday on Scene, performed by Porto Alegre on stage and supported by Braskem. GAUCHOS ON SCENE PROJECT ​ The Gauchos em Cena project is a collection of books that maps the history of performing arts in Rio Grande do Sul, through the biographical record of extremely representative artists for the state's cultural class, with an annual publication produced by the international performing arts festival Porto Alegre On the scene. The proposal is based on the perception that a book is an essential document for the record, memory, life and history of a region and its artistic universe. An important material for research by cultural technicians, artists, teachers and students from all over the country, a work to be part of the collection of public libraries and educational institutions dedicated to the study of art. ​ Braskem has sponsored Porto Alegre em Cena for over 12 years, decisively contributing to the decentralization of the festival's activities and expanding its reach. In addition to the Braskem on Stage Award, held throughout this period, and the Inclusion on Stage, a project that allows students from the periphery to watch local theater plays with two editions already held, in 2018, the company also takes on the sponsorship of the Gauchos in Scene. Click here to download the book Sponsorship: TÂNIA FARIAS, A THEATER THINKER by Fabio Prikladnicki I have been following the work of Tânia Farias for a little over a decade, which represents about half of her career in the Ói Nóis Aqui Traveiz Actuators Tribe. His more than twenty years in the group, likewise, add up to more or less half of the history of Ói Nóis, which will turn 40 in 2018. This curious mathematical coincidence surrounds the eighth volume of the Gauchos em Cena series. ​ Although the bibliography about the group – one of the most outstanding in Brazilian theater – already has a significant number of books, published by the label Ói Nóis na Memória, this is the first that addresses Tânia's professional and personal path. Throughout the pages of the interview that constitutes her core, it becomes clear that, for her, life and theater are inseparable. The same can be said about your relationship with the group. When talking about Tânia, we are talking about Ói Nóis, as researcher Vivian Martínez Tabares says in a text included in the volume. ​ The book approaches his career, recalling some of the most remarkable shows, but mainly registers a moment in his life. This moment is one of maturity as an actress and a woman, but also one of crisis, as she explains in the interview. Tânia not only tells the backstage of her creations at Ói Nóis, but also exposes her worldview on subjects such as politics, ethics, feminism, religion and spirituality. ​ Even viewers who have been following it for a long time will discover new dimensions. Here is a true theater thinker, whose opinions dare to go against the tide of expectations. But for her, theory only makes sense in practice, that is, in the day-to-day of the tireless work of the actor – in Ói Nóis' vocabulary, this word designates the fusion of the actor with the activist. ​​ With a preface by the longtime partner and master, Paulo Flores, as well as reflective texts by his peers in the theater and a critical essay by Valmir Santos, the volume also includes poems written by Tânia, published here for the first time in a book. It will be a revelation for the significant portion of the public that had not yet had access to this aspect of his production. ​ Unlike books that honor artists at the end of their careers or whose heyday was in the past, this one records an actress in full swing: restless and discontented, Tânia always looks beyond. Those interested in theatrical creation will understand how it constituted his unique acting technique and helped shape the poetry of Ói Nóis with his multiple talents – among them, the elaboration of costumes. Those who do not wish to delve into the bowels of the processes but are interested in things of art and life will still have plenty of material at their disposal in Tânia's sharp speech. ​ At the end of the reading, I hope, it will be impossible not to ask avidly about the next steps of this exemplary actor. The feeling is that maturity, a phase that only comes with a lot of sweat and dedication, is just beginning for her. ​ previous publications 1st Sandra Dani - Memories of a great actress, by Hélio Barcellos 2nd Zé Adão Barbosa - Driven by passion, by Rodrigo Monteiro 3rd Ida Celina - Story(s) in me, by Fernando Zugno 4th Carlos Cunha Filho - First-person talent, by Renato Mendonça 5th Deborah Finocchiaro - THE transforming art, by Luiz Gonzaga Lopes 6th Mauro Soares - THE light on the protagonist, by Roger Lerina 7th Luiz Paulo Vasconcellos - To the master, with affection, by Zeca Kiechaloski ​

  • Porto Alegre em Cena | OFICINAS

    workshops 2020 Those interested in participating in training activities must send the necessary documents to, with the name of the activity in which they would like to register in the subject field. Entries take place between 09/30 and 10/09 and the list of those selected will be announced on 10/16. No posts published in this language yet Stay tuned...

  • Porto Alegre em Cena | PONTO DE ENCONTRO

    Meeting point Municipal Center of Culture, Art and Leisure Lupicínio Rodrigues Avenida Erico Verissimo 307 - Porto Alegre / LOL - Phone: 51. 3289 8061 11 At 22 SEPTEMBER • 5:00 PM TO 2:00 AM Due to its great success, the Lupicínio Rodrigues Municipal Culture Center once again houses the Porto Alegre em Cena Meeting Point. Created in the early 70s with the objective of recovering areas of the city with urban setbacks, the City Hall developed the Renascença Project and built the building signed by the architects Edgar do Valle and Sérgio Matte, a modernist reference in the city. Its name pays homage to the musician from Rio Grande do Sul Lupicínio Rodrigues. The building houses the visual arts school: Atelier Livre Xico Stockinger, the Josué Guimarães Municipal Public Library, the Sala Álvaro Moreyra, the Teatro Renascença and the exhibition hall. The Meeting Point will be properly decorated and organized to receive the festival's audience, its artists, technicians, friends and anyone who wants to celebrate the arrival of the 26th Porto Alegre em Cena. In addition to the two theaters that host the Festival's shows, we will also have formative meetings, such as debates, seminars and workshops. We'll be back with the damn session for the free midnight performances on the lobby stage. All this accompanied by trucks, bicycles and food and beverage stands. ​

  • Porto Alegre em Cena | GALERIAS EM CENA

    galleries in 2020 The public must schedule visits directly with the galleries that will be open for visitation between 6:00 pm and 10:00 pm, between October 21st and 30th. The works will be displayed continuously and the public will be able to take advantage of the exit to discover all the independent galleries, through a short tour in Porto Alegre. Free entrance. Participating Galleries: > Gallery .ISTA: phone: (051) 99891-1364 email: instagram: @gallery.ista address street San Salvador 461 gallery owner: Fabio Vieira de Oliveira ​ > Bronze Residence phone: (051) 99367-2336 email: instagram: @bronzeresidencia address street Duque de Caxias 444 manager: Andressa Cantergiani > La Photo Gallery phone: (051) 99963-0807 email: instagram: @galerialaphoto Address: Travessa da Paz 44 gallery owner: Regina Protskof > Moss House phone: (051) 4066-5422 email: instagram: @mosshouse address: Rua Vieira de Castro 80 gallery owner: Rodrigo Marroni ​ Check the schedule: No posts published in this language yet Stay tuned...

  • Porto Alegre em Cena | BRASKEM EM CENA

    The BRASKEM Award On Stage ​ The Braskem on Stage Award became one of the city's main performing arts awards. Strength and prestige were acquired over 15 years promoting the arts of Porto Alegre by awarding great local artists and encouraging the development and qualification of productions. In 2020, the shows that participated in the 15th Braskem on Stage Award are: ​ / 206820, from the EnCena Mask / CARCAÇA, by João Gabriel OM / SAID BODIES, from Pretagô / HYPERGAIVOTA, of the Erratic Collective / RHYTHMIC METHOD, by Guadalupe Casal / MINI BALL PRETES THING – Panê no (cis) theme, by Casa de Lanceira feat. Kaliça's house / #PARAISO_AFOGADO , from Cia. Espaço em Branco / LILITH PROJECT: Pixações in Hysterical Bodies, by Quantum Collective / THERE'S ONLY ONE PROBLEM WITH THAT LOVE, by Camila Falcão / ADORED LAND, by Complô Cunhã ​ Winners: / Best show: Carcaça / Second best show: Terra Adorada / Best show – Popular Jury: Lilith Project / Best design/creation: HYPERGAIVOTA / Best performer: Joana Amaral – Lilith Project / Best performer: João Gabriel OM – Carcaça / Featured award/scenic elements: Lilith Project / Soundtrack: Caio Amon – 206820 ​ ​ 14th Braskem on Stage Award / 26th Poa on Stage / 2019 ​ / THE HUNGER – Cia Espaço em Branco / EVEN IF IT'S NIGHT – Cia Silvia Canarim – Flamenco and contemporaneity / WILD ARENA - Siege Group / FROM HER MOORINGS – Circo Hybrido / ELAS – Us Theater Company / MACBETH AND THE DARK KINGDOM: SHAKESPEARE FOR CHILDREN – Orbit Collective / MEIERHOLD – Tribe of Actuators Ói Nóis Aqui Traveiz / THE UGLY - Cia Cénica Act / THE CLOWNS OF TCHÉKHOV – Sunflower Circus / GROOVES - Moebius Collective ​ Winners: / Best show: wild arena / Best direction or choreography: Mirah Laline, by The ugly / Best actress or dancer: Sissi Betina Venturin, by The hunger / Best actor or dancer: Paulo Flores, by Meierhold / Highlight: João Pedro Decarli, for the daring adaptation of one of Shakespeare's darkest texts to children, in Macbeth and the Dark Kingdom – Shakespeare for Children / Best show – popular jury: wild arena Curatorship: Airton Tomazzoni, Anette Lubisco, Eduardo Custodio, Fernando Zugno, Kaya Rodrigues, Jane Schoninger and Jesse Oliveira Jury: Alice Urbim, Claudia Laitano, Fabio Prikladnicki, Luiz Gonzaga Lopes and Michele Rolim 13th Braskem on Stage Award / 25th Poa on Stage / 2018 / THE DRAGGED WOMAN / LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD / FLOOD MA / SPREAD MY ASHES ON EURODISNEY / HIATO / PROPERTY / SMALL JOB FOR OLD CLOWNS / WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN CHARM AND FUNK? / THEATER OF IMAGINARY BEINGS / VINCENT – CONTEMPORARY WORK IN PERFORMATIVE DANCE Winners: / Best show: The Dragged Woman / Best direction or choreography: Liane Venturella, by Imobilhados / Best actor or dancer: Zé Adão Barbosa, for Pequeno Trabalho para Velhos Clowns / Best actress or dancer: Celina Alcântara, for A Mulher Arrastada / Highlight: hiatus / Best show (popular jury): What's the difference between Charme and Funk? 12th Braskem on Stage Award / 24th Poa in Scene / 2017 / CORNED / ATMA / SPEECH OF SILENCE / ICARUS / ILLUMINUS / MOVEMENTS ON STOP WHEELS / DON'T TOUCH ME I'M FULL OF TEARS - CLARICE LISPECTOR'S SENSATIONS / AMUSEMENT PARK / PARADISE SILVER / EXTENSION 340 - ABOUT THE MIGRATION OF SARDINES OR BECAUSE PEOPLE JUST GO AWAY Winners: / Best show: Fala do Silêncio, by Cia. Rústica / Best direction or choreography: Jezebel De Carli, by Ramal 340: about the migration of sardines or why people just leave / Best actor or dancer: Marcos Contreras, by Amusement Park / Best actress or dancer: Priscilla Colombi, for Fala do Silêncio / Highlight: Iluminus, for its refined research and the synergy between lighting, scenography, choreography, soundtrack and costumes / Best show (popular jury): Iluminus, by New School Dreams ​ 11th Braskem on Stage Award / 23rd Poa on Scene / 2016 / STUFFED zucchinis, THE GAME / AFROME / SHOE lace OR NO ONE IS ABOVE REDEMPTION / DANCE OF THE TIME / DONA FLOR AND HER TWO HUSBANDS / FLIES / THE PALAVRAKIS COUPLE / THE MISUNDERSTANDING / OPERA ROCK CAPTAIN RODRIGO / INTENSE GREEN Winners: / Best Show: The Misunderstanding, by Daniel Colin / Best direction or choreography: Eduardo Kraemer, by Shoelace or no one is above redemption / Best actor or dancer: Cassiano Ranzolin, by Dona flor and her two husbands / Best actress or dancer: Fernanda Petit, for The Misunderstanding / Emphasis: Dance of the time, from Usina do Trabalho do Ator (UTA) for the process of creating the show / Best show (popular jury): AfroMe, from the Pretagô group 10th Braskem on Stage Award / 22nd Poa in Scene / 2015 / HIS LIFE / THE FOUR DIRECTIONS OF HEAVEN / BUKOWSKI - STORIES OF UNDERGROUND LIFE / BUNDAFLOR, BUNDAMOR / PROHIBITED CITY / MOTHER LANGUAGE. MAMELOSCHN / THE MEN OF THE PINK TRIANGLE / PUNCH / ONE DAY MURDERED MY MEMORY / vertigo Winners: / Best show: The Four Directions of Heaven / Best direction or choreography: Camilo de Lélis, by The Four Directions of Heaven / Best actor or dancer: Marcelo Ádams, for Os Homens do Triângulo Rosa / Best actress or dancer: Mirna Spritzer, by Mother Tongue – Mameloschn / Highlight: Cláudia de Bem, for the lighting design and scenography of A Vida Dele / best show (popular jury): Forbidden City 9th Braskem on Stage Award / 21st Poa in Scene / 2014 / THE RED HAIRED GIRL / THE BAKER'S WOMAN / UNLIKELY GUIDE TO MUTANT BODIES / URBAN SPOTS / MIRAGE / NINA, THE MONSTER AND THE LOST HEART / THE STRANGE KNIGHT / SMALL VIOLENCES - Silent and Everyday / SO FAR, SO CLOSE, SO CLOSE, SO... / CIRCUS OF HORRORS AND WONDERS Winners: / Best show: Small violence - silent and everyday / Best direction or choreography: Irion Nolasco, by the strange knight / Best actor or dancer: Cassiano Ranzolin, by Small silent and everyday violence / Best actress or dancer: Liane Venturella, by the strange knight / Emphasis: Marina Mendo, for the conception of the show Miragem / Best show (popular jury): circus of horrors and wonders 8th Braskem on Stage Award / 20th Poa in Scene / 2013 / THE ARAB NIGHT / SPICE HOUSE / CNPJ – a totally fictional comedy / RANDEVÚ HEART / SIZZLE / I WAS HERE / LAS CUATRO CORNERS / CHRISTMAS HORSE / THE ANASTÁCIO'S BALL / COTTON SCREW Winners: / Best show: Natalicio Cavalo / Best direction or choreography: Camila Bauer, by Estremeço / Best actor or dancer: Hamilton Leite, per The Anastácios' Ball / Best actress or dancer: Thainá Gallo, per the arab night / Emphasis: Raul Voges, for the scenography of house of spices / Best show (popular jury): The Anastasius Ball 19th Poa on Stage - 7th Braskem on Stage Award / 2012 / BRIEF INTERVIEWS WITH HIDEFUL MEN / FACE TO SLA / DETOUR / INCIDENT IN ANTARES / LANDELL DE MOURA, the incredible Father inventor / OUR LIFE IS NOT WORTH A CHEVROLET / THE WEDDING OF THE GREAT MAGICIAN / THE FANTASTIC ONE MAN THEATER CIRCUS / A TRUE COWBOY / DRESSED AS IT SEEMS Winners : / Best Show: Brief Interviews with Heinous Men / Best direction or choreography: Ines Marocco, by Antares incident / Best actor or dancer: Roberto Oliveira, by A True Cowboy / Best actress or dancer: Martina Fröhlich, by Antares incident / Best show (popular jury): Antares incident 6th Braskem on Stage Award / 18th Poa in Scene / 2011 / 5 TIMES TO DEATH / 9 LIES ABOUT THE TRUTH / THE WOMAN WITHOUT SIN / THE WEAVER / FAILURE CLUB / DISMANTLED DAY / SAID AND CURSED: DESIRES OF THE CLOSURE / HOTEL FUCK – ON A HOT DAY MAYONNAISE CAN KILL YOU / HYBRIS / WONDERLAND AND WHAT M. JACKSOM FOUND THERE Winners: / Best show: Wonderland / Best direction or choreography: Daniel Colin, by Wonderland / Best actor or dancer: Denis Gosch, by Hotel Fuck – on a hot day mayonnaise can kill you / Best actress or dancer: Carolina Garcia, by the weaver / Best show (popular jury): Hybris 5th Braskem on Stage Award / 17th Poa in Scene / 2010 / GIVE MEAT TO MEMORY / INSIDE OUTSIDE / ELEFANTILT / MAN WHO DOES NOT LIVE ON THE GLORY OF THE PAST / MILKSHAKESPEARE / MY HOUSE / THE MISER / THE FAT AND THE SKINNY GO TO HEAVEN / PLAY-BECKETT: while I wait, I play / TRAGIC SOILS Winners: / Best show: Inside Outside / Best direction or choreography: Carlos Ramiro Fensterseifer, from Inside Outside / Best actor or dancer: Eduardo Severino, for Giving Meat to Memory / Best actress or dancer: Fernanda Petit, by tragic soils / Best show (popular jury): My House 4th Braskem on Stage Award / 16th Poa in Scene / 2009 / NOAH'S ARK / THE SEX LIFE OF MONKEYS / REVERSE / SAID AND DAMNED / MARLENI / STRONG WOMEN IN FRAGILE BODIES / THE NEIGHBORHOOD / THE DOCTOR BY FORCE / THE HOUSE / TERESA AND THE AQUARIUM Winners: / Best show: O Sobrado / Best direction or choreography: Zé Adão Barbosa, by A Arca de Noé / Best actor or dancer: Daniel Colin, by The Sex Life of Monkeys / Best actress or dancer: Aracy Esteves, by Marleni / Best show (popular jury): O Sobrado 3rd Braskem on Stage Award / 15th Poa in Scene / 2008 / THE COMEDY OF ERRORS – Cia Stravaganza / THE tamed shrew – Rustic Company / CAIO F. 60 YEARS - CANNED DAISIES / TWO ON THE SCENE – Luciana Paludo and Daggi Dornelles / FELLINIA RELEASES / STORIES FROM A CORNER OF THE WORLD – Déborah Finocchiaro / MY SOUL – Transform Dance Company / BLOOD OPERA – New Theater Company / REPEATS – Cia Mouvere / SALAMANCA DO JARAU – Shadow Club / MISERIA, SERVANT OF TWO ESTANCIES – Oigalê Cooperative of Theater Artists Winners: / Best show: The Comedy of Errors / Best direction or choreography: Adriane Mottola, by The Comedy of Errors / Best actor or dancer: Carlos Alexandre, by The Comedy of Errors and Heinz Limaverde, by The Tamed Shrew / Best actress or dancer: Sandra Possani, by A Megera Domada / Best show (popular jury): Misery, Server of Two Farmers 2nd Braskem em Cena Award / 14th Poa em Cena / 2007 / CASAIAB / THE MISSION / THE WOMAN WHO ATE THE WORLD / THE STORM AND THE ISLAND'S MYSTERIES / ALICE / ANDY / EDIE / THE BITTER TEARS OF PETRA VON KANT / SMALL BOURGEOIS / CRUCIAL TWO ONE / ESSENCE Winners : / Best show: The Mission / Best direction or choreography: Décio Antunes / Best actor or dancer: Zé Adão Barbosa / Best actress or dancer: Luciana Paz / Best show (popular jury): The Storm and the Mysteries of the Island 1st Braskem on Stage Award / 13th Poa in Scene / 2006 / CALAMITY / LAVARIA / YOU CANNOT LOVE AND BE HAPPY AT THE SAME TIME / THE ALLIGATOR HYPNOTIZER / THE KING OF THE DRAG / STOP 400: IT IS ADVICE TO REMOVE THE SHOES / ABOUT ANGELS AND CRICKET / A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM / TIME REMAINING / YOUR WISHES IN FRAGMENTS Winners: / Best show: A Midsummer Night's Dream / Best direction or choreography: Patricia Fagundes / Best actor or dancer: Heinz Limaverde / Best actress or dancer: Sandra Dani / Best show (popular jury): A Midsummer Night's Dream

  • Porto Alegre em Cena | OFICINAS 2019

    training activities 2019 No posts published in this language yet Stay tuned...

  • Porto Alegre em Cena | RESTAURANTES PARCEIROS

    partner restaurants +55 51 3223-1125 +55 51 3257-9046 +55 51 99256-3158 +55 51 3208-2233 +55 51 3574-1233 +55 51 3247-3000 +55 51 8188-0782 +55 51 3391-3901 +55 51 3209-7427 +55 51 3573-6818 +55 51 3516-7006 +55 51 3346-6292 +55 51 3378-3000 +55 51 3228-6209 +55 51 3012-9445 +55 51 3012-0172 +55 51 3136-8646 +55 51 3212-0229 +55 51 3371-2859 +55 51 3208-1090 +55 51 3228-9898 La Rouge Bistrô +55 51 3019-7638 +55 51 3378-3000 +55 51 3233-0696 +55 51 3573-5396 +55 51 3377-9289 +55 51 3019-6898 +55 51 3279-2215 +55 51 3012-5924 +55 51 3222-0098 +55 51 3222-1881 +55 51 3392-7746 Bar Flamenco +55 51 3311-0336 +55 51 3257-9046 +55 51 3332-5540 +55 51 3211-5762 +55 51 3222-6272 +55 51 3395-3000 +55 51 3311-0660 +55 51 3307-3906 +55 51 3226-0743 +55 51 3062-2336 +55 51 3226-6914 +55 51 3397-1767 +55 51 3095-0188 +55 51 3332-0063 +55 51 3335-1309 +55 51 3026-3071 +55 51 3022-4942 +55 51 3286-2960

  • Porto Alegre em Cena | PROGRAMAÇÃO

    schedule / 2020 > international programming > national programming > local digital shows > anti-caking performances > project in frames > eating the scene – lives > conversations on stage > meeting point > galleries on stage > workshops ​ > schedule grid (updated!) ​ > previous videos ​

  • Porto Alegre em Cena | PODCAST CRÔNICAS DO AMANHÃ

    chronicles of tomorrow 2021 schedule subject to change

  • Porto Alegre em Cena | PROJETO CAIXA CÊNICA

    2021 project caixa cênica schedule subject to change The Caixa Cênica project aims to provide technical training in the field of performing arts for professionals who are part of support teams and also for the public interested in learning more about the various areas of the festival. In 2017, the project had its first edition aimed at professionals involved in the assembly of the shows, such as porters and stagehands, who had already worked for years in these areas of the festival, and reported feeling the need for qualification to perform more complex functions, a lack that the event itself sought to supply. In 2019, the project was expanded to cover other areas of scenic production, and can be used by anyone interested in learning more about cultural events. In 2021, the project takes place online, as it was in 2020, with the following modules: ​ Programming and Curatorship Cultural production Scenography Culture with Accessibility - Brazilian sign language

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