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2021 squares project
schedule subject to change


10/22, at 8 pm

Monument to the Azoreans – Monumento aos Açorianos

Loureiro da Silva Av, 1155 - Cidade Baixa

The development of the Esquadros project, which consists on audiovisual works exhibited with mapping projection techniques in the Monumento aos Açorianos, will feature works  visual and sound, specially developed by five national and three local artists.


They are: VJ Grazzi (Brasilia), Ligia Alonso (São Paulo), Leticia Pantoja (Rio de Janeiro), Laura Campestrini (Brasilia), Veruscka Girio - Mechanical Astronaut (Maranhão), as well as Ana Girardello, Janaína Castoldi and Paula Pinheiro, of Porto Alegre.

photo: digital montage by Jana Castoldi

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