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 meeting point 2020 

schedule subject to change


A space to follow the highlights of the daily schedule, deepen the analysis of the previous day's shows and check out interviews and unpublished audio drama productions. The program Ponto de Encontro do Porto Alegre em Cena 2020 will bring together journalist Bruna Paulin, who will receive guests live daily at 11 am on TV Em Cena. Interviews with festival attractions, testimonials about the event's stories and a daily analysis of shows are part of the program's themes, which will also feature an audio version, available free of charge on Spotify. A block with new content, produced by Jaques Machado and Lincoln Camargo, will feature audio drama episodes.

“The idea is to take the chat that used to happen at the festival's Meeting Point about what each one had watched, expectations about the schedule, to the Em Cena channel, since at the moment we can't meet in person”, tells the journalist and actress. “The program will be an agenda with the attractions of each day and an analysis of what was presented the day before, as a daily record”, he reveals. The initiative is also aimed at enhancing the festival's accessibility, providing audio content for blind audiences.  

The programs will be broadcast on the festival's TV and will be available on the event's YouTube and Spotify channels.  

Bruna Paulin is an artist and communicator. Graduated in journalism and Master in Communication from PUCRS, she has been working for 15 years in the communication and culture market. She is currently editor of the website Noite dos Museus and presents the podcast A História do Disco.

Photograph:  Carolina Design

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