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Meeting point

Municipal Center of Culture, Art and Leisure  Lupicínio Rodrigues

Avenida Erico Verissimo 307 -  Porto Alegre /  LOL -  Phone: 51. 3289 8061

11  At 22  SEPTEMBER • 5:00 PM TO 2:00 AM  


Due to its great success, the Lupicínio Rodrigues Municipal Culture Center once again houses the Porto Alegre em Cena Meeting Point.


Created in the early 70s with the objective of recovering areas of the city with urban setbacks, the City Hall developed the Renascença Project and built the building signed by the architects Edgar do Valle and Sérgio Matte, a modernist reference in the city. Its name pays homage to the musician from Rio Grande do Sul Lupicínio Rodrigues.  The building houses the visual arts school: Atelier Livre Xico Stockinger, the Josué Guimarães Municipal Public Library, the Sala Álvaro Moreyra, the Teatro Renascença and the exhibition hall.


The Meeting Point will be properly decorated and organized to receive the festival's audience, its artists, technicians, friends and anyone who wants to celebrate the arrival of the 26th Porto Alegre em Cena. In addition to the two theaters that host the Festival's shows, we will also have formative meetings, such as debates, seminars and workshops. We'll be back with the damn session for the free midnight performances on the lobby stage. All this accompanied by trucks, bicycles and food and beverage stands.  

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