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university theatre exhibition – ufgrs and uergs 2021
schedule subject to change

This exhibition proposal came from the idea of ​​giving visibility to performances produced inside the Dramatic Arts courses at UFRGS and UERGS, two universities from our State, during the festival.

Universities are a place of a lot of production, whether resulting from internships, different subjects, researches or extension activities. During the process of the Emergency Remote Teaching, during the pandemic period, many researches on virtual languages ​​and proposals, beyond the touching stages, emerged as a way to continue the formative and investigative work of the students.

These works of the Department of Dramatic Art at UFRGS were selected by an organizing committee appointed by the department and composed by the professors Ana Cecília Reckziegel, Cláudia Sachs, Cristiane Werlang and Luciana Éboli.


The performances participating in the University Theater Exhibition from UERGS were selected by a committee formed by teachers of the graduation degree in Theater: Licentiate - professors Marcelo Ádams and Carlos Mödinger, professors Jezebel de Carli, Marli Sitta and Tatiana Cardoso -, by the administrative employee Gilmar Lemes and student João Pedro Corrêa.”

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