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 galleries in 2020 

The public must schedule visits directly with the galleries that will be open for visitation between 6:00 pm and 10:00 pm, between October 21st and 30th.


The works will be displayed continuously and the public will be able to take advantage of the exit to discover all the independent galleries, through a short tour  in Porto Alegre. Free entrance.


Participating Galleries:


> Gallery .ISTA:

phone:  (051) 99891-1364


instagram: @gallery.ista

address street  San Salvador  461

gallery owner:  Fabio Vieira de Oliveira

> Bronze Residence

phone:  (051) 99367-2336


instagram: @bronzeresidencia

address street  Duque de Caxias  444

manager: Andressa Cantergiani


> La Photo Gallery

phone: (051) 99963-0807


instagram: @galerialaphoto

Address: Travessa da Paz 44

gallery owner:  Regina Protskof


> Moss House

phone: (051) 4066-5422


instagram: @mosshouse

address: Rua Vieira de Castro 80

gallery owner:  Rodrigo Marroni

Check the schedule:

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